We are looking for suitably qualified and experienced individuals to join our team of IELTS Examiners in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. 

The IELTS test is conducted on either a Thursday or a Saturday. Speaking examining may be conducted 7 days prior to or 7 days after the test day. 


截止時間 2016 年 12 月 31 日 (星期六)

How to apply

Requirements: an APRC holder with Individual work permit or a JFRV (Spousal ARC) holder.

Please refer to IELTS Examiner Minimum Professional Requirements for details.

All applicants must complete the application form electronically. It is important that all aspects of the application form are completed before you submit it, including all signature required. All supporting documents must be in hard copy, and must be original and are listed in the checklist on the application form. Your two reference letters must use the standard form and be sent confidentially to us by your referee(s).

Please refer to Guide for Applicants to IELTS Examiner Recruitment for more details.


Decisions on the approval or rejection of application forms are made by an IELTS Examiner Trainer. All applicants will be informed via email before 11 January 2017. The successful applicant will be required for an interview. All successful interviewed applicants will be invited to an induction and a 1.5-day training session which will take place in February 2017. Failure to meet the above procedure will result in failure to become an IELTS Examiner.  

Please ask for the Recruitment Pack, and return IELTS Examiner application form, two reference letters, and supporting document to the contact details shown below.

Linting Chao

Examinations Officer

Email: linting.chao@britishcouncil.org.tw