Theme: Orbital Revolution of Poetry
Saturday 24 October 2015 - 00:00 to Sunday 08 November 2015 - 23:59
Taipei City

UK Poet Luke Kennard in 2015 Taipei Poetry Festival "Orbital Revolution of Poetry" 

Since Taipei Poetry Festival founded by the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs in 2000, it has been one of the rare truly celebrating the creativity of mixed and different art forms. 

In partnership with Taipei Poetry Festival, the British Council invited Luke Kennard, a British poet and writer of fiction, to share his poems with poem lovers in Taipei this November.

The theme of 2015 Taipei Poetry Festival is "Orbital Revolution of Poetry." The poems come from the heart, but still maintain a strong tie to the broader society. To create is not only a self-expression, but also conveying kindness and dreams. The line-up events this year are better than ever: introducing literary masters, recognized poets, and rising stars altogether, opening windows for international poetry scenes, staging poetry themed performances, and hosting numerous talks of cultural heritage of Taiwan. It is catered with both reading in depth and outreaching to the public.

The events are held in cultural venues all over Taipei City: bookstores, coffee shops, or even the passageway of MRT - wonderful cultural scenes of Taipei are stringed together by the festival.


Poetry Talk 《The Last Days of Advertising》

Luke Kennard writes with incredible imagination on global topics including advertising, shopping malls and terrorism, mocks this commercial society and explores the twisted human nature. How do you stay real and be surreal all at once? Luke Kennard will demonstrate with his poetry. 

Time and Place: Friday, 6 November, 19:30 @ 3F Forum, Eslite Songyan Bookstore


Poetry Performance《Orbital Revolution of Poetry》

Poetry borders every form of art, but that border can back far away. On November 7th , outside the border, we present to you performances by Langsan Theatre, Yu Yen-Fang, Against Again Troupe, Lhundup Tsering, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Luke Kennard, Lee Min-yung, Li Khin-huann, Xin Mu and Adaw Palaf. 

Time and Place: Saturday, November 7, 19:30 @Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall


About Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard is a poet and writer of fiction who was born in Kingston upon Thames in 1981. He won an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors in 2005 and his first collection of prose poems The Solex Brothers was published later that year by Stride. His second collection The Harbour Beyond the Movie was published by Salt in 2007 and was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection, making him the youngest writer ever to be shortlisted. 

His most recent collection A Lost Expression was released in 2012 alongside an experimental short story, Holophin which won the Saboteur Novella award that year. His fiction and poetry criticism has appeared in Poetry London, the Times Literary Supplement and The National (Abu Dhabi). He has a PhD in English from the University of Exeter and lectures at the University of Birmingham. In 2014 he was named one of the Next Generation Poets by the Poetry Book Society in their once per-decade list.





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