myClass Elementary

Do you lack confidence in English? Do you avoid situations where you need to use English? Do you find it difficult to understand and be understood in English?

MyClass Elementary develops your English from Elementary level upwards. Through engagement in authentic communication in class, you will develop the skills necessary to be a confident user of English. Our structured syllabus will enable you to build vocabulary, learn and use new grammar, and develop pronunciation. 

The opportunity and help to review language and your performance is important at elementary level. Every lesson includes homework to review/preview lessons. Each module features two review lessons responding to what learners are finding most difficult. Every two months there is the opportunity to spend time with the Senior Teacher to ask questions and get advice. You will also get support from our Student Advisor. 

Whether you are just beginning English or coming back to it after a long break, it is important for Elementary students to have expert advice. Our experienced teachers are here to support you both inside and outside of the classroom so that you will develop your English ability as quickly as you can.

On this course you will:

  • focus on pronunciation to improve your confidence
  • build a solid foundation of English, especially in grammar and vocabulary
  • learn essential phrases for everyday situations
  • receive guidance and feedback from your teacher throughout the course
  • have access to free online resources to study English outside of class
  • receive written assessments on your progress
  • build your confidence in speaking English
  • get individual support from teachers outside of class time
  • meet classmates with similar goals and interests
  • join our free English-speaking group "MyClub"

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • introduce yourself and find out about other people
  • deal with money and go shopping
  • use dates and times
  • discuss and order food
  • make travel plans and arrange accommodation
  • give and understand directions
  • talk about work
  • discuss free time
  • talk about TV and movies
  • understand English verb tenses
  • expand vocabulary

Course information


    We make sure that everyone is taught at the best level for their needs. Before you start this course book a consultation with one of our English experts to discuss your needs for this course.

    Find out more about our learning benchmarks


    • Elementary A
    • Elementary B

    Students who have completed the final module of myClass Elementary can progress to other levels of MyClass, taking you all the way to Upper Intermediate level, where you will have more choice about the language and skills you want to practice and how you want to prioritise them.


    • 2 modules in total
    • 48 hours (16 weeks) per module
    • One 3 hour lesson per week, classes available at weekends