CHUN-YEN LU (Score: 8)

The benchmark for high English proficiency is the ability to differentiate between formal and informal registers. The advantage in attending classes in British Council is having experienced teachers showing and teaching us how to speak and write, which words or phrases to use, plus their variations of use. Grammar and writing structure is also covered in class, such as how many paragraphs should be in Task 1 writing, or what discourse should be embedded in Task 2. 


JUI-YU TSAI (Score: 8)

It was great to get an 8 for my first test. After finishing the two-month course, I think the British Council has helped me the most with its systematically designed series of coursework. All course materials were designed according to the test materials, and every chapter covers a specific subject matter.I am greatly indebted to my teacher Mark; we participated in constant conversations and discussions during class, and this has helped improve my speaking and listening skills immensely.

Kang Yeh Li (Score: 8)

First of all, I’d like to thank the British Council for all the assistance they gave me.

The materials we were given helped us learn many techniques that allowed us to answer test questions with ease. My teacher Katie is very good at conducting in-class activities that really enable us to immerse ourselves in the coursework.

In terms of writing, Katie reminds us of the common mistakes, and helps us to achieve better scores with her personal experience and unique language techniques.


SHAO-PING LEE (Score: 8)

I chose to study at the British Council because British Council functions as a test center for the IELTS examination. I assumed that they would have the best understanding of the IELTS exam, and would know what approach to take in their teaching in order to help students improve their performance in the exam. Thanks to the instruction provided by the British Council teachers, I was able to get a really good score.

Ya-Shiu Hsieh (Score: 8)

Here allows non-native speakers like us to immerse ourselves in an all-English environment, and the many oral practice sessions force us to think and communicate according to the logic of the English language. We begin with a variety of different topics, we then talk about the different aspects of these topics, such as how they would appear in exams. Our classes were a perfect combination of coursework and extracurricular materials, including training in listening and writing abilities.

Yi-Ching Kan (Score:8)

Here, Jeremy taught me how to quickly come up with personal views about topics that I am unfamiliar with. I also learnt how to appreciate pieces of writing regarding various themes.

At the same time, it is also beneficial to read in one’s free time. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, just keep the habit and your reading ability will not fail you.

All in all, the credit goes to the British Council and Jeremy. Such accomplishment could not have been achieved without them.

YUN-HSIN HSU (Score: 8)

The British Council is different from the cram schools I’m used to. It has a friendly environment, learning materials, and an all-English space where I can learn and grow. 

I am thankful for my teacher Tom, with his help; the organisation of my writing has become more logical and effective. As for speaking, I can more bravely express thoughts. Lastly, I would like to thank the British Council and Tom for the two months of support and dedicated instruction!


CHIH-HSUAN KENG (Score: 7.5)

I wanted to develop capabilities for independent thinking and communication instead of merely taking a one-sided course. We had many opportunities for practice in class and teachers provided additional instructions on our mistakes for students to correct errors. The gradual education process also allowed students to clearly understand their progress. I wish to thank British Council and teachers for their help and encouragement which helped me improve within a month and reach my target score.

YEN-YU LIN (Score: 7.5)

I registered for the British Council’s IELTS course. I was hoping not just to get a grasp on the test, but also to improve in areas where I was weak – reading and speaking. I was very happy that the British Council course gave me quite a bit of help in those areas, and as a result, my test results improved to a 7.5.

I'd like to thank my teacher, Nick, and the British Council. You have helped me prepare for the IELTS more effectively, and my marks have reached a higher level as a result.

Hsuan-Fang Lai (Score: 7.5)

In the British Council, I quickly learned what IELTS was all about, and what it takes to get a high score. I think the most important thing is to learn English in a way you find interesting. For me, that was to watch English shows and read English novels. Confidence is also important when it comes to practicing another language, and I thank Jeremy for giving that to me by constantly praising me, even for the littlest things such as raising my hand to answer questions.