"My dream is to be an artist, and to create what I want...", "My dream is to create desserts that bring happiness…"  Seven dreamers from different age groups and different backgrounds shared with us how they forged their own path, step by step.


Joyce's Dream: Create Desserts that Bring Happiness

Like many graduates, I was unsure about my future. After a year and a half in the tourism industry, I decided to change paths. I believe desserts can bring people happiness, and I want to bring that happiness to others! I decided to study baking in a culinary school in Canada. Our teacher asked us to reflect on our weaknesses, and gave us solutions to overcome them. This gave me the courage to work on my writing. Now, I can easily write formal articles and letters for applications.


Alex's Dream: Experience Different Lifestyles

A twist of fate led me to apply for a graduate course in management at the NTU. I was surprised to find that the more I studied, the more I enjoyed the course; so I decided to finish my degree abroad, and at the same time set myself a challenge, see the world, meet different people, and understand different cultures! I'd like to thank my teacher for helping me with my writing. Preparing for IELTS can be frustrating at times, but my teacher's suggestions always helped me regain my confidence.


Nina's Dream: To Freely Create and Paint a Bright Future

After seeing how many of my coworkers spent their whole lives in a bank, I realised that it's not the kind of life that I wanted. I've been passionate about painting since I was little, so I decided to study contemporary art in the UK. I was happy to have Katie as my teacher, from whom I learned a lot of test-taking techniques and preparation skills. I would also like to thank Mark for his intense training, which improved my writing test score by 1! Now, speaking English comes naturally. 


Martin's Dream: Give Patients the Best Medical Care

Because of concerns such as my family, my finances, and my career, seven years slipped by without me noticing. This time I decided to seise the chance and realise my dream of studying abroad. The British Council has many interactive teaching methods that held my interest the whole time.  As the classes went on, I got better and better at expressing myself when speaking; I understood IELTS writing structures better, and could understand reading passages in less time.


Alice's Dream: Become a Master Baker

I've dreamed of studying culinary arts since I was little. During university, I worked part-time at a dessert shop. This made me dream of baking once more, and I decided to study at Le Cordon Bleu after I graduate. The courses are unlike any I've ever seen in school before. At first I was terrified of speaking and asking questions, but when my classmates all joined in active discussions, I realised that discussing with a group creates more ideas than a single person racking their brain.


Martin's Dream: Help Young People Find Purpose in Life

I've been interested in youth development courses every since I studied psychology in university and I plan on studying related fields abroad. The British Council are very helpful when it comes to understanding IELTS and how to prepare for it. The small classes and professional teachers let me know where I am lacking and how I can improve. The teachers looked over weekly writing exercises and asked questions that would lead to discussions on how our writing can be improved. 


Sunny's Dream Become an Independent Artist

My passion for art returned when I interned at an art centre during university, and I decided to go to the place where art originated, England, to hone my skills. I hope to open my own gallery in the future. The small classes sorted by proficiency levels allowed me to learn with students around my level. I not only learned test-taking skills, I also became passionate about learning English. I no longer reject English, instead, it has become a part of my life.