University of Bath

Thursday 28 May 2020 -
18:30 to 19:30

Planning to study in the UK? The ‘Study UK Webinar: Higher Education in the UK: An Overview’ covers everything new students need to know from application process, courses, student life, career support to IELTS exam tips. Guest speakers from University of Bath and IELTS Exam along with the Head of Education of British Council will be on the panel to answer all questions you may have. See you then!

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Programme rundown

18.30                          Webinar begins

18.35 – 18.50             Study UK: Be The Best Possible You!
                                   by Diane Hsu, British Council in Taiwan

18.50 – 19.05             Increase your Employability by studying at a Top 10 UK University 
                                   by James O’Grady, University of Bath

19.05 – 19.20             IELTS Takes You Places!
                                   by Lisa Lin, Exam Marketing Manger (IELTS), 

 19.20 – 19.30             Q&A session

Speakers profiles

Diane Hsu
Head of Education, British Council in Taiwan 

Diane Hsu currently works at the British Council in Taiwan and is responsible for International Higher Education collaboration programmes between Taiwan and UK. She has great passion in travelling and enjoys different cultures and cuisines around the world. Her next travel plan is to visit the Arctic Circle this year. Diane will be very happy to share her extensive knowledge in UK education and personal experience of studying and living in the country. 

James O’Grady
Student Recruitment Manager, Postgraduate Taught Student Recruitment & Admissions Office, University of Bath

James O’Grady is responsible for supporting Taiwanese postgraduate students in coming to Bath. His role is to help students through the application process and to understand what is required to secure a place at the University.  Prior to working as Student Recruitment Manager, James worked in the University’s admissions office and brings his valuable experience and knowledge to his current role. 

Lisa Lin
Exams Marketing Manager, British Council in Taiwan

Lisa works at the British Council in Taiwan as the Exam Marketing Manager for both IETLS and other international examinations. During her university year, she was an exchange student in Scotland in the UK and in Netherland. She is passionate about English language learning and is fascinated by the diversity of English accents. The purpose of learning a language is to build relationships with others. Lisa encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone and pursue dreams without hesitation!

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