Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is part of the University of Cambridge and has been working with UK and University of Oxford, worldwide universities, governments and employers for over 15 years. Our admissions assessments are a global mark of excellence that set the quality standard.

We have a global network of centres that spans 150 countries, making it easy to assess applicants wherever they may be.

Private candidates may enter for the following examinations through British Council Taiwan.

  • University of Cambridge Pre-interview Assessments: ENGAA, NSAA, TSA S1
  • University of Oxford Admissions Tests: TSA, TSA S1
  • University Admissions Tests: BMAT, STEP, TMUA

For more information please visit the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Official Website.

Registration and Examinations Date

Important Notice

Due to University of Oxford has appointed Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to manage the delivery of most of Oxford's admissions tests from 2023, the British Council in Taiwan is no longer the provider for the below-listed tests on behalf of the University of Oxford. Please visit the University of Oxford website for most up-to-date information about their admission tests and test centre arrangement for 2023: You also can check on this portal to Find an Authorised Test Centre for taking your registration, or contact the admission office at the University of Oxford for more support and guidance. If you don’t find your school or college listed, then please contact your school examination office and ask them to visit this portal to request authorisation to become a test centre. If you do find your school or college listed here as an authorised test centre, then please contact them and ask them to register you (anytime between 1-29 September) for the appropriate test.

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing

Tests Registration Period Test Dates

June 2024 session registration period: TBC



Cambridge BMAT - February session / March session will NOT run through British Council Taiwan. Please register through their official website. For further details about the exam please contact Cambridge Assessment directly.

How to register: Please visit the awarding body's official website: Website Link

October 2023 session:

◆ Entry Period: 01st September 2023 to 25th September 2023 17:00 GMT+8

18th October 2023


October 2023 session:

◆ Entry Period: 01st September 2023 to 25th September 2023 17:00 GMT+8

18th October 2023

Cambridge Pre-interview Assessments


October 2023 session:

◆ Entry Period: 01st September 2023 to 25th September 2023 17:00 GMT+8

18th October 2023

University of Oxford Admissions Tests

(TSA, TSA S1) 

October 2023 session:

◆ Entry Period: 01st September 2023 to 25th September 2023 17:00 GMT+8

18th October 2023


The above entry deadlines are also the payment deadlines. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.

Exam arrangement will be released via the online exam registration system or e-mail.


Exams Registration Process

Registration Procedures

Online Registration Instructions

  1. Create account: Please click here to register your account.
  2. Apply for exams: Sign in with your account details and select the exam product you would like to apply for.
  3. Complete Form: Please download and fill out the application form. After completing forms, upload the file to the online registration system by saving it as Word or PDF format.
  4. Review Form: Your application form will be processing by our examination approval team.
  5. Make Payments: Once your application has been confirmed, you will receive a system e-mail for the payment. The payment can be made by Credit Card, Debit Card, China Unionpay Card or through convenience stores in Taiwan (3 working days to be credited) and 7-11 iBon service. Please note that you will NOT be entered for the exams unless the full payment has been received in time.
  6. Appointment: After receiving your full payment, we will make arrangements for your examinations, and the payment completion letter will be sent to your mailbox.
  7. Finish registration: Your exam registration has completed successfully. The confirmation letter (with exam dates, times and venue information etc.) will be sent to to you.

If you require special arrangements, please contact us 14 days before the entry deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

On the test day

  • Candidates must report to the venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the exam.
  • Candidates must bring along your valid passport and student ID/entry permit for each examination.
  • Candidates may bring along stationary into the exam room. No mobile phones, books, dictionaries, papers or any other devices are permitted unless approved for that subject.
  • Candidates will not be given extra time to complete the exam if Candidates arrive late and, in some cases, you will NOT be allowed to sit the exam.
  • In the event of exam cancellation due to a typhoon, natural disaster, or any other reason beyond our control, the British Council makes appropriate announcements via the British Council Taiwan website and email according to the Taipei City Government policy.
  • Unless an announcement has been made by the Taipei City Government that classes and work are cancelled, all registered candidates must assume that the examination will be conducted as originally scheduled.

Fees and Terms of Payment


Please refer to the registration form.

Terms of Payment

All the above fees can be paid by candidates in TWD through the British Council Online System. All fees must be paid no later than deadline indicated above for each entry stage.

Please note that you will NOT be entered for the exams unless the full payment has been received in time.

Refund and Cancellation

  • Candidates may cancel exams before the entry deadline of each examination. About refund forms, please email to
  • No refund will be provided if cancellation is requested after the entry deadline of each examination
  • Sufficient evidence or explanation must be given if cancellation is requested. This evidence can be in Chinese or English. Evidence can be a medical report/accident report or equivalent, which should be issued by an authorized body. The report should include both the signature of the doctor or professional and stamp of the institution as well as indicate that the situation prohibits the candidate from taking the exam on the scheduled date.
  • 50% of the British Council Invigilation fees will be refunded.
  • No refund will be provided if you are absent from the exam or late for the exam.


Only the results of Cambridge STEP, BMAT, and Oxford TSA will be released to candidates in the results online system. Results of other tests are not published automatically. Candidate may request their results from the universities.

  • Cambridge STEP
  • Cambridge BMAT
  • Oxford TSA

Information about the exam results will be sent to candidates via e-mail.

Post-test Service

Enquiries about Results

Candidates who register for Cambridge STEP and BMAT at our centre may submit their enquiries about results within the period set by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and the British Council. We are unable to process any enquiries about results for candidates from other test centres. Applicants should submit an application on our exams registration system, and make the online payment as required.

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Results Enquiries Total Fee (TWD VAT excluded)
Service Code Description STEP BMAT

Result Enquiry

If a candidate thinks there has been an error in the processing or reporting of their results, they can raise a Result Enquiry.


Result Appeal

If a candidate thinks a Result Enquiry or a Malpractice case was incorrectly handled or if they have a complaint about an aspect of the administration of the test that is not covered by the Special Considerations process they can submit a Result Appeal. Please note there is no other basis for a review of a Result Enquiry or for raising a Result Appeal.


For other enquires about result service available, please contact us.


Q1: What is UCAS ID?

When you register with UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), you will get a 10-digit Personal ID Number like this: 123-456-7890. It is very important to ensure that your UCAS ID and personal details submitted to us are accurate and match what you put in your UCAS application, so that your results can be sent to the correct university.

Q2: How long is the result valid for?

The result is only valid for the year the test is taken and cannot be carried over to a re-application.

Q3: Can I take Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing this year if I don’t plan to apply for university in this year?

Yes, but as the result is only valid for the year the test is taken and cannot be carried over to a re-application, you need to take the exam again in the year you plan to apply for universities.

Q4: How to deal with the time clash between different exams?

With the same exam series, there may be different scenarios of exam timetable clash:

  • For timetable clash between multiple subjects of Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing registered at our centre, we will make re-arrangement accordingly. Candidates should refer to the Confirmation Letter for the final timetable. If there is any timetable clash between two exams, one of them will be rescheduled for a different time on the same date. Candidates should be under full centre supervision during the break between two exams. During the break, candidates will not be permitted to use mobile phones nor any other electronic devices or communicate with the other candidates.
  • We are unable to make any rearrangement for timetable clash between Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing registered at our centre and other exams (e.g. Cambridge Assessment International Education). Candidates should avoid any timetable clash before registering for exams.

Q5: Could I register at different centres at the same time?

Within the same exam series, candidates can register for the exams of different subjects at different centres, but not the same subject at different centres. Please also note that if you register for exams at different centres within the same exam series, it may lead to problems like failure to rearrange timetable clash. Therefore, registering for all exams at one test centre is highly recommended.

Q6: Notice to Under-18 Candidates

While registering under 18 candidates at our centre, the parents and/or guardians should:

  1. Read thoroughly the Minor Safety Regulations on our exams registration system
  2. Download and complete the Minor Candidate Consent Form
  3. Indicate how the candidate will leave the venue after the exams, and upload relevant documents as required
  4. On test day, parents, guardians or any other authorised people must present the original copy of ID to be checked by invigilator with the form