British Council Urban Futures Programme

British Council has launched the arts programme “Urban Futures” since early 2018 across North-East Asia, including Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.  “Urban Futures” program aims to foster greater inclusion and innovation in cities through the arts.  In Taiwan, we support cross-art institutions and practitioners to explore how art can make our cities more open, dynamic, inclusive and fit for the future.  Our programme themes focus on the following topics: 

  • Art & Social Activism
  • Art, Science & Digital Innovation
  • Art & Disability
  • Art & Ageing

This year, as part of the "Art & Inclusion" initiative, British Council in Taiwan introduces the unique UK film Romantic Comedy at the 2019 Women Make Waves International Film Festival Taiwan. Focusing on promoting inclusive topics from various fields, and also to echo back the Time's Up and #MeToo movements in recent years, the Women Make Waves International Film Festival Taiwan selects " Beyond Control" as the theme. Romantic Comedy is Elizabeth Sankey's directorial debut. In the film, she tried to investigate how the romantic films we've seen throughout the years portraying women, and reflected on how inaccurate they often were. To break the gender stereotype and cliches, the film tried to convey a different viewpoint coming from real women for romantic comedies.


【Romantic Comedy】

Director: Elizabeth Sankey

2019│UK│Colour│78 Minutes 

Romantic Comedy is a journey of investigation and self-discovery that goes under the surface of our favorite films, seeking to better understand the way we view love, relationships and romance.


Spot Huasan A One: 5 October (Saturday) 14:40

Spot Huasan A One: 9 October (Wednesday) 15:20

Spot Huasan A One 13 October (Sunday) 17:20 ★ With guest appearance (TBC)

8 September to 3 October: Please purchase the tickets at IBON kiosks at 7-11 convenience stores or IBON ticket system
4 October to 13 October: Viewers can purchase the tickets at Women Make Waves International Film Festival Taiwan ticketing booth at Spot Huasan

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