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Our trainers are highly qualified and professional English teacher training experts who are passionate about enhancing the effectiveness of the English language learning environment and the abilities, proficiency levels and qualifications of those who teach and learn in English.

Through our expert advice, varied and wide-ranging training approaches, high quality materials, extensive support networks and comprehensive training courses, we’re here to help you become a more effective English teacher. Among many other things we’ll assist you to apply a range of motivational strategies that are likely to enhance the effectiveness of the second language acquisition process. We also offer CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) and EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) based courses at elementary, high school and university level to cater to the increasing trend of offering subject based lessons in English. 

So, whether English is your first language or not, and whether you’re an English teacher or teaching in English, we have a wide range of teaching courses and qualifications that will enable you to become the positive, flexible, effective and professional teachers that we know you can be. Our motto that covers all of our approaches and courses and of course applies to us as well is quite simply – to be the best that we can be.

To enable us to achieve this we’ve created arguably the world’s largest teaching online resource, where you can find free extensive, visually appealing and motivating classroom materials to download. As well as the LearnEnglish online resource, which gives you and your students access to thousands of up to date FREE digital learning tools.

You can also join our Teacher Network, which will put you in touch with the largest global network of experienced teaching professionals.

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