As well as delivering internationally-recognised teacher training programmes such as the well-known CERT TESOL and the highly rated TYLEC, we work with governmental educational authorities, highly reputed universities and corporate partners as teacher training consultants. All of our teacher training work is delivered to an exceedingly high standard and customised so as to meet your needs. 

Each of our teacher trainers has extensive learning, teaching and training experiences. They have also been trained to combine their knowledge of young learner and adult language learning with real world teaching and learning situations to deliver relevant and engaging educational services. Here’s just a few of the things our customers, clients and friends have said about our teacher trainers and training courses.


You’re the best. It’s the best workshop I’ve ever participated in. Thank you for the practical advice and suggestions during these few days. I’ve learned a lot. Hopefully, I can be as confident as you in the future. – Brandon

Thanks for giving me the chance to reflect on my teaching again. –Dolphin

I enjoyed every single moment of the 3-day workshop! You’re the best of the best! Thank you very much for the great enlightenment. – Pamela


As well as being the best that we can be we try to ensure:

  • Trainees become motivated and develop a positive attitude to learning as we make sure that our training courses relate to their needs and interests.
  • A collaborative and interactive learning environment is created where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, and where everyone’s opinions are equally valued.
  • Balance instruction with the development of autonomy so that each person can find their pathway to improve, manage their learning and set their own goals.
  • We also aim to use course participants’ own teaching situations as a basis for the development of their teaching skills. 


Who we work with

We have a wide range of valued clients who have put their trust in us to help them to develop the effectiveness of their learning environments. Some of these clients include: 

  • Local education authorities who we help to deliver tailor made workshops to state school English language and non-English language teachers such as on the Ministry of Education K-12 programme and the CLIL based training programme in Tainan and New Taipei City. Please refer to the CLIL and Schools feedback files below for more information.
  • Local education authorities who we help to deliver socialising and presentation workshops for Principals and other state school leaders.
  • We also work with our qualified overseas teachers such as NESTS (Native English Speaking Teachers) to help them to adapt their skills and approaches in a manner that will enable them to integrate and to teach more effectively in the Taiwanese educational environment.
  • To meet the growing demands for EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) based courses in the higher education field we provide university professors, whose goal is to improve the effectiveness of their university classes when teaching in English, with practical and observational based courses. Recent clients who’ve been extremely satisfied with our training services include National Taiwan Normal University, National Yang-Ming University, National Chengchi University, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, Fujen Catholic University, Chaoyang University of Technology, the University of Taipei and Kaohsiung Medical University. Please refer to the EMI feedback file below for more information.
  • We work with local partners on various research projects that aim to for example enhance the effectiveness of the second language acquisition process, and the EMI learning environment in Taiwan. 
  • We also like to cooperate and collaborate with local academics and UK based English language teacher training experts on a consultancy basis so as to improve the overall standards of the teaching and learning environment in Taiwan.


Whatever your organisational training needs are, our team is here to help you. You may start the relationship with us as our customers or clients; however, as we work together we hope to deepen our relationship, and we’ll only consider our course as having been successful if you view us as allies and friends on completion. After all we’re all working toward the same goal of enhancing the effectiveness of the learning environment here in Taiwan.