There are many ways that we help our valued, hardworking teachers, lecturers and professors and it would be impossible to comment on them all here. However, we would like to give you a very brief account of some of the elements that could be included on your bespoke teacher training courses. 

Our elementary school teachers learn how to deal with a range of things including the differentiated learning environment, how to get their students to use the necessary procedural, functional and target language to succeed in the classroom and how to incorporate task-based approaches communicatively and successfully in their young learner classes. Please refer to the Schools feedback file on the right hand side for more information.

Junior high school teachers learn how to incorporate a wide range of language teaching and learning approaches so as to ensure the process of second language acquisition is facilitated effectively, how to scaffold project work effectively, how to promote the development of core skills and critical thinking, and how to teach all four skills in an integrated manner. Please refer to the Schools feedback file on the right hand side for more information.

Ever thought of how to motivate your senior high school students? Well come and find out on one of our courses where you’ll also learn how to promote learner autonomy, production levels in the classroom and the ability of your students to develop their language and subject related abilities when working together on projects, and in pairs and groups. Please refer to the Schools feedback file on the right hand side for more information.

With the big push at governmental and university level to develop, promote and teach using EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) university lecturers can get ahead of the curve by participating in one of our courses. Subject areas covered on our EMI courses include how to use discourse markers well, how to develop the ability to effectively use a range of question types in the EMI environment and how to implement strategies that enable lecturers to increase student achievement, motivation and participation levels when learning at university level. We have a proven track record in this area. Have a look at our testimonials and get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share our data with you. Please refer to the EMI feedback file on the right hand side for more information.

CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning)  based teacher training: with more schools offering subject based teaching in English there’s a need for many subject teachers to develop their understanding of CLIL based approaches so as to ensure that they are able to teach their subjects effectively when teaching in English. On our CLIL courses subject teachers learn about the four Cs: Communication, Culture, Cognition and Content, how to adapt task-based approaches to the CLIL based lesson, how to apply Cummins framework and how to ensure that assessment and evaluation is an integral part of the CLIL based learning process. Please refer to the CLIL feedback file on the right hand side for more information.


  • Observational based courses: Are you an elementary, junior high, senior high, university level teacher? Do you want an educational expert to come into your classes and give you a second opinion about what you’re good at and what you could improve when it comes to creating an effective learning environment? Well we can do that. We can help you with your lesson planning, come in and watch your classes and leave you with a detailed diagnostic report and a clear pathway to success in the classroom. 
  • Guided observations: Does your educational institute want to set up a meaningful programme of observations where your teachers can learn from each other and develop their teaching skills in a collaborative manner? Contact us and get your guided observation log with your international standard pro-formas. We’ll help you set up a varied, meaningful and beneficial guided observational programme, which your teachers will be happy to participate in since they’ll soon realise how participating in the programme will aid their teaching and the effectiveness of their learning environments. 
  • Teacher training consultancy services: As highly experienced and qualified training consultants we help you to appreciate and identify the teaching approaches that you already use in your educational institutes that add value to the services you provide to your customers and seek to work in a collaborative manner to help you to further enhance these practices. Basically, we help you to identify your educational based goals and how to move towards them in an achievable step by step manner.
  • Free Trial workshops: Still unsure? Contact us and we’ll come and deliver a free trial workshop in your school or university! How can we do this? Well we’re so confident that you’ll like what you see that you’ll ask us back for more!
  • Exams: Aptis for teachers - The first English language test specifically designed for teachers of English by the British Council. Aptis is a flexible and cost-effective approach to the assessment of your teachers’ English language abilities. 


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