Find out what our students say about our English courses:

Primary Plus English Course

My teachers would use games to help us learn quickly and effectively, and they would also correct our pronunciation and grammar instantly. --Youngsan Yang, Kids 9-12 student

We can often hear our sons laughing in class, it’s a fun time for them, and their English is also among the best in their class at school!” --Parent of Jason and Morris Wang, Kids 9-12 students

Secondary Plus English Course 

I didn't like English when I first started because the vocabulary was hard to memorise, but after joining the class here, I discovered that learning English could be fun, and could also help me excel in other areas, such as presentation making and speaking out with more confidence. --Ellie Huang, (English for Teens 13-17)

IELTS Preparation for Teens

The benchmark for high English proficiency is the ability to differentiate between formal and informal registers. The advantage in attending classes in British Council is having experienced teachers showing and teaching us how to speak and write, which words or phrases to use, plus their variations of use. -- CHUN-YEN LU, IELTS students (Score: 8)

The teacher taught me how to quickly come up with personal views about topics that I am unfamiliar with. I also learnt how to appreciate pieces of writing regarding various themes. --Yi-Ching Kan, IELTS students (Score: 8)


The teachers here at the British Council understand why students are afraid to speak, which is why they have many different techniques that encourage us to express ourselves and stimulate our interest. Speaking English comes naturally here, just as if it were our mother tongue. --Alice, MyClass student

English comes naturally to me now, and I’m also very comfortable with reading and writing emails in English. This ability to use English with freedom and ease has given me the confidence to speak with foreigners in a professional capacity. --Laury Chen, MyClass Student

Studying here has helped me regain the proficiency I once had in English, and also increased my vocabulary. The teacher gave us many opportunities to speak in class, and taught us the corresponding vocabulary for various topics. -- Alice, MyClass and IELTS student

MyClass for Exam Preparation

The multiple class themes can help me prepare for IELTS, and are also really useful for going abroad. I can practice vocabulary in my daily life and use a greater variety of language in my conversation with foreigners. -- Alonso, MyClass and IELTS student

Here, you don't just leave with a high test score, you also gain the competence to think clearly and speak fluently in English. -- Peter, MyClass and IELTS student

I strongly recommend ILETS candidates to take myClass, which involves wide-ranging conversation topics in an English-immersion setting, I became a much better English speaker. I used to struggle through practically every sentence for fear of making grammatical mistakes, but speaking English is as natural as breathing to me now. -- Nina, MyClass and IELTS student

Here allows non-native speakers like us to immerse ourselves in an all-English environment, and the many oral practice sessions force us to think and communicate according to the logic of the English language. Our classes were a perfect combination of coursework and extracurricular materials, including training in listening and writing abilities. -- Ya-Shiu Hsieh, IELTS students (Score: 8)

You will not feel bored here. Despite my initial apprehension about interactive styles of teaching, perhaps due to me being used to the rote learning style of teaching, I found myself more at ease with expressing thoughts in English as the course progressed. I became clearer about the IELTS writing requirements and structures, and have also learned how to grasp key points in an article within a limited period of time. -- Ming-Yuan Huang, IELTS student (Score: 7.5)

The best part is that in addition to my high score, I am also coming away with a newfound confidence in speaking English, and the ability to speak English authentically. At BC, I learnt to think from a foreigner’s point of view. I believe this can be applied when I’m in the Netherlands, where I can hopefully smoothly apply what I’ve learnt and express my thoughts more confidently. --Lexie, MyClass and IELTS student (Score: 7)