A quote on the Internet inspired Lexie’s passion for anaesthetics. Lexie became a veterinarian after graduating from university, but she remained passionate about anaesthetic research. Ultimately, she decided to take the plunge by giving up her highly-admired career and leaving her familiar environment! Apart from expanding her personal network by actively participating in medical conferences, she even spent a month focusing on preparing for the IELTS exam with us to improve her standard of English!  At the end of the year, she will be going to the Netherlands to have a taste of what it’s like to study anaesthesia, before going to the U.S. next year to acquire more professional techniques and knowledge!

A Life-Changing Quote

“Different animals have different temperaments; therefore they need different types of anaesthesia.” Lexie stumbled upon this quotation online by chance, and it led to her interest in anaesthetics.

“After I read that quote, I decided to major in anaesthesia. To me, anaesthesia is like an art. Finding the right type of anaesthetic for a particular animal, so that they feel less pain when they are injured, is a very meaningful task!”  However, Lexie, who is passionate about anaesthetics, did not get to fulfil her dream while she was at university. “There are research institutes overseas that specialise in animal anaesthetic research, where one can learn anaesthetic techniques for dogs, cats, and even large animals such as horses and elephants. But no such research environment exists in Taiwan.” Lexie chose to switch to a major related to animal medicine and health care, becoming a vet after graduation. “Although this is a suitable job for an animal lover like me, I’ve always felt like I want to go deeper into anaesthetic research, because I don’t want to have regrets in the future about not chasing my dreams!”  After several years of inaction, Lexie finally made up her mind to fulfil her dreams of furthering her knowledge in this area. In addition to applying for one month of leave to prepare for the IELTS exam, she also applied for a year-end medical conference trip to the Netherlands.

Going abroad is the first step towards fulfilling dreams

“Initially I only planned to download online resources and prepare for IELTS on my own, but I realised that it wasn’t effective! Later I chose to study here, mainly because of its favourable online reviews, and because I quite liked it after taking a trial class, so I signed up for it! In the past, I thought that preparing for exams meant memorising vocabulary; it was not until I came to BC that I learnt ‘the proper way to learn English’. Under the guidance of my teachers Mark and Katie, I gradually grasped the techniques required for the IELTS exam.” To maximise her preparation time, Lexie chose to take the IELTS course here. When recalling the days she spent preparing for IELTS, Lexie smiled and said that successfully  achieving a high score of band 7 in the exam, with just a month of preparation, was the combined result of her hard work, determination, and the assistance of her experienced teachers.

One step closer to her dreams

“During that month, apart from studying at a manic pace, I also made many good friends. We grew together by encouraging each other. The best part is that in addition to my high score, I am also coming away with a newfound confidence in speaking English, and the ability to speak English authentically. At BC, I learnt to think from a foreigner’s point of view. I believe this can be applied when I’m in the Netherlands, where I can hopefully smoothly apply what I’ve learnt and express my thoughts more confidently.” Lexie also enthusiastically signed up for myClass to continue improving her English speaking ability. Lexie is now very much looking forward to getting to meet new friends overseas!

Words for test takers

Lexie, who is now moving steadily towards fulfilling her dreams, has a word of encouragement for test-takers, “In comparison to other certifying exams, or for life overseas, the IELTS exam is actually a very easy task! That’s why you shouldn’t give up easily!”