2019 English Summer Camp for Kids and Teens Ages 6-17 now registering

This year's Summer English Camp for Young Learners features weekly courses with material designed by "National Geographic" and "Discovery Channel" on the theme of exploring the world and life around us. Students will learn about science, nature, history, geography, space, music, art and more topics through interactive activities and media, whilst collaborating with classmates to keep an "explorer's log" of what they have learned during the week, and present their learning outcomes to parents on the last day of the course. They will also learn how to form opinions, discuss and compare ideas during the course, thus developing all-round English skills as well as important life skills for the 21st-century such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and digital literacy. Find out more

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First time in Taiwan! Pre-Primary Course for Early Years Ages 5-6: Welcome to Our World

Let your child take their first steps and capture their imagination in English this summer! Our pre-primary course brings the world into the classroom and the classroom to life through music from across the globe, sparking learning interest for young kids as they become more curious about the world and life round them.

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Learn with the experts: English Courses for Kids Ages 6-12

At the British Council we understand that for many Taiwanese parents, creating an easy and motivating English learning environment for children can often be a challenge. We invite you to take part in a special English learning initiative that follows the latest advice from local and international education experts for parents to take off focus from English as a school subject and integrate the language into everyday life as a tool for communication in the modern world, bestowing the next generation with an English learning experience that is enjoyable and motivating. Read more 

At the same time, we offer English courses designed to fit the different learning needs of kids at every stage of development:

  • Phonics Basic Course is offered to young kids ages 6-8 who are just starting to learn the language. 
  • English for Every Primary Kid: Primary Plus for Kids ages 6-12 is a series of theme-based courses in which children will collaborate together to work on a project, task or presentation, and learn how to form opinions, discuss and compare ideas during these activities, thus developing all-round English skills as well as important life skills for the 21st-century such as leadership, digital literacy and critical thinking. Students in Taiwan are offered the same English learning experience as those in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

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Do you have an older child in the teens stage who may be preparing to study overseas, or would like to improve their English in their own interest outside of school? Our English for Every Adult-to-Be: Teens Ages 13-17 offers competency-based lessons running throughout the academic year, helping middle and high school students to further develop grammar, vocabulary, functions, pronunciation and exam skills through appropriate communicative tasks.

We offer courses at the following levels:

  • Young Kids Ages 6-8
  • Kids Ages 9-12
  • Teens Ages 13-17

Choose the best way for your child to learn: