The safety and well-being of your child is of paramount importance to us at the British Council.  We know you, as parents and guardians, share our commitment to child protection and we would like to thank you for all your support in helping us to make the Teaching Centre a safe environment for the learning and development of all our students. Read our full Child Protection Policy here

In order to adhere to our Child Protection policy and ensure children can learn in a safe environment we welcome your cooperation in the following areas: 

  1. Please come into the Centre to collect your child face-to-face whenever possible, this reduces the risk to your child considerably.  
    If you are unable to come in to the Centre (for example you are a lone parent or guardian picking up your child by car and cannot find a parking space), you will be asked to complete a form to register each car used with the license plate when your child attends his/her first class. 
  2. In order to make sure only parents and guardians are in the Centre, our Young Learner Assistants (referred to hereon as YLAs) will ask to see a badge.  Please ensure your badge is visible at all times. This will help the YLAs identify anyone who should not be in the building.
  Face-to-face (inside the centre) By vehicle
Dropping off your child (Please bring your child no earlier than 30 minutes before class begins) Bring child to the classroom.  Ensure you and your child have visible badges. If possible ensure your child is accompanied to the building.  If not possible, ensure your child reaches the building before leaving.
Waiting for your child Please ensure your badge is visible.  If you see anyone not wearing a badge or displaying unusual behaviour please contact a member of staff.  
Picking up your child (Please pick up your child no later than 15 minutes after the end of class) Please come to the door of the classroom, show your badge and collect your child(ren).   If you are unable to come in to the Centre, the YLA will bring your child down to the car between 10-20 minutes after the end of class.  Please ensure all cars used to collect your child are registered with us.

Our Commitment

  1. From 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the class, and during breaks, your child will be supervised in the classroom.  
  2. If you are unable to collect your child from the classroom, the YLA will take your child down to your car 15 minutes after the end of the class.
  3. During YL classes, we will ensure YLAs will monitor the Teaching Centre to help ensure your children are safe.

Disciplinary Procedures

Every effort is made to ensure all students are able to participate in a productive and welcoming learning environment.  In order to achieve this, all learners must act in an appropriate manner.  
If inappropriate behaviour occurs, our teachers will typically follow procedures below:

  • On the first instance, inappropriate behaviour is acknowledged by the teacher and the student is instructed to not repeat actions.
  • If actions are repeated, parents are informed (either a note in the communication book or by phone).
  • If inappropriate behaviour continues, parents are invited to come to the centre to discuss an appropriate strategy to move forward.
  • If inappropriate behaviour continues, a behavior contract is written.  This will dictate certain actions to be completed each lesson, and is signed by the teacher, parent and student after each class. This is done for a set amount of time to ensure behavior is consistently meeting expected levels.
  • If behaviour does not improve, the student will be asked to leave.