2019 English Summer Camp for Kids Ages 6-12: "What's In YOUR World"

Our all-new weekly summer courses with material designed by "National Geographic" will engage students in beautiful visual content on science, nature, history, geography, space, music, art and more, as they learn to explore life and the world and around them through interactive activities and media. Apart from being in an all-English enviroment, they will also learn how to form opinions, discuss and compare ideas, all of which will help develop their all-round English skills as well as important life skills for the 21st-century such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and digital literacy. Also new this summer is a Pre-Primary English course for Early Years Ages 5-6, which aims to bring the world into the classroom and the classroom to life through music from across the globe, sparking learning interest for young kids as they become more curious about the world and life round them. Limited seats at XinYi and ShiPai Teaching Centres.


Primary Plus: Explore the world with English

Our Primary Plus English courses are delivered in a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment where there are no limits to your child’s overall development. Interacting easily with fellow classmates and engaging in educational but enjoyable and challenging activities, your child will feel free to express him/herself and apply and acquire new knowledge and life skills. 

Classes at Shipai and XinYi Teaching Centres open for registration all-year round! Sign up for a free demo lesson 

This course will complement your child’s learning at school and they will make steady progress in small classes taught by professional young learner specialists where they will develop lifelong language and learning skills in the following areas:

1. Language x Knowledge

Your child will accumulate the vocabulary and grammar related to their everyday life through modules designed to let your child accumulate the English language in a natual setting and environment. 

2. Language X Skills

Through a series of fun and well-designed activities, your child will grow used to the sound of English words and begin to build the foundation of thinking in English.

3. Life X Knowledge

Our professional young learner specialists will introduce different holidays and cultures to your child through storytelling, sparking curiosity and imagination in the world they live in.

4. Life X Skills

Through a combination of team and individual tasks that are designed to cohere with your child's basic needs, they will learn the skills frequently practiced in everyday life.


When your child has completed this course, they will:

  • be better prepared for English at school level
  • express ideas more clearly
  • recognise and practise letters, sounds and sentence stress for good pronunciation 
  • enhance fluency in speaking and writing through a variety of fun tasks
  • develop basic social skills

As parents, you will always be connected to your child’s learning progress with regular parent-teacher meetings, invite-a-parent day, and academic reports.

Course information

  • Levels

    • A0/Basic
    • A1/Beginner
    • A2/Elementary
    • B1/Pre-Intermediate
  • Course format

    Students are encouraged to register for a full year for the most effective English learning experience, but you are welcome to join anytime during the course.
    Classes are once every week for three hours. Each semester is 20 weeks (60 hours) in total.

  • Course locations

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