Introducing the guided learning, the new learning programme that allows children to study online from the comfort of their own home or on the go.
Students can study English before and after class by logging in to British Council’s learning hub. 

The learning hub is now available with level-specific learning content for every student so that they can learn at their own pace. 

Through the learning hub, Primary 1 and Primary 2 level students can access various activities such as quizzes and games which are linked to their module of study, and allow them to have fun in English at home. Primary 3 to 6 students can prepare for the class through guided learning activities such as readings, videos, quizzes and games. 

This pre- and post-study will help students to activate their learning before they come to class and enable them to participate in class more confidently and learn more quickly. Students can also review what they have studied in the classroom and practise their English skills at home in order to improve learning outcomes. 

Your child’s progress on the learning hub is tracked, scored and presented in a personalised dashboard so that you can celebrate success and check areas for improvement. Your child’s teacher will also track your child’s progress and integrate the pre-class activities into the lesson. The teacher will provide a written report on your child’s progress in class and with reference to guided learning at the end of each module.


How to access the online learning hub

To access the online learning hub, it is recommended that you use a desktop computer, a laptop or an iPad (must be in landscape orientation) with operating systems Window 10, Mac OS 10.15, and iPad OS 12 and above. As for the browser, it is recommended to use Google Chrome (ver. 71 and above). 

Please log in here with your ID (the email address that you used to register for the course) and the password you received from the Teaching Centre. If you need assistance on logging in, please contact your English Course Consultant or our Teaching Centres during opening hours.