The LearnEnglish Kids website has lots of free online games, songs, stories and activities for older children aged 6-12 to enjoy and learn English too.

Just like adults, children need a reason to use English. It is much more motivating for them to use English in a ‘real’ situation. On this website students can become a member, create their own cool avatar and enter competitions. They can also post comments about any of the stories and songs they explore and an English learning expert will answer any questions they have about English learning. This website is child-friendly and child-safe. All posts contributed by members are monitored in advance to make sure that the content is appropriate.

For younger children ages six to seven, there are a variety of fun activities where you and your child can start on your English language journey together.

In our Little Kids Games section, you'll find lots of fun online games in English. Your child can practise their English as they find the right clothes for teddy, learn how to say the alphabet in English and compare their score with children all around the world. 

Click on Little Kids Songs to find action songs, traditional songs, songs to dance to and famous English songs like Incy Wincy spider and Old Macdonald had a farm. All the songs are animated so that your child can sing, dance and watch all at the same time!

Your child can enjoy hours of fun reading and watching our online stories for young learners at Little Kids Stories. There are traditional English stories as well as original stories that you can watch at home. After listening to the animated story you can download the worksheets so that your child can have even more fun as they learn English!.

We have lots of free printable crafts for young learners in Little Kids Crafts.They can make finger puppets, face masks, birthday cards, musical instruments and lots more! 

In Little Kids Word Games you will find lot of fun games which are specially designed to introduce English words to young learners. Children can improve their vocabulary and listening skills with every new word game they play.

In the listen & watch section, your child will find lots of animated songs, stories, cartoons and videos. They can play the vocabulary games before they watch, then download offline PDF activities which can support understanding. They can also practise their speaking with our fun tongue twisters.

If your child clicks on the read & write tab, they can practise their reading and writing in English here. They can answer questions in the 'your turn' section to practise their writing in a ‘real’ context. They can also improve their English vocabulary with our set of 'word of the week' videos. If you or your child becomes a member, you can download all of our 100’s of worksheets for free.

By going to the grammar zone your child can watch fun grammar videos, play grammar games, print grammar worksheets, write to us in the grammar quiz section and then test themselves with our downloadable grammar tests. Don't forget you can always print the grammar reference cards to help you.

The LearnEnglish Kids website can help your child become an independent motivated young learner of English!