Your teenager can have fun and improve their English at the same time on the British Council Learn English Teens website, featuring up to date articles, magazines, podcasts and videos all with motivating content specifically aimed at teens aged 13-17.



The most important aspect of any website is that it is safe for your child to use. The LearnEnglish Teens website takes online safety very seriously. All comments written by users are checked by moderators before they are approved and published.



Teens are able to post their comments and opinions about the stories, activities and videos on the site. They can also comment on other users’ posts from teens from all over the globe and respond to discussion prompts. By giving them a real reason to communicate they are much more likely to be motivated in completing an authentic task than writing sentences in a course book.



There are various areas on the website which are guaranteed to interest even the most unmotivated learners. There are six main learning zones where teens can practise different English skills. The content is graded so that all learners from beginners to advanced level can improve their English.


In the Grammar and Vocabulary sections, you will find grammar videos which will provide your teen with grammar practice in snack-size bites. Our Grammar Snack videos show the grammar being used in a natural way. A conversation-style explanation and interactive exercises will check that they can really use the language.

By clicking on the phrasal verb videos, your teen can get gain more understanding about how to use phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are very common in spoken English, but are quite tricky to learn. By watching our fast phrasal comic-strip videos and then doing the exercises below, they can really get their phrasal verbs under control.

Vocabulary, much more than grammar, is the key to your child understanding what she hears and reads in school. By exploring the vocabulary exercises, they will be able to practise their vocabulary and learn new words by doing exercises and playing games. Our word sets will cover lots of the topics they are studying at junior high and high school.

Even the usually mundane grammar and vocabulary practise is brought to life at the British Council Learn English Teens website with fun comic style videos which they can watch online and free pdfs to download and check their understanding offline.