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Tests to reflect your students’ world 

We know how important it is to give students confidence. It's what helps them do their best in secondary-level English exams. That’s why we test students aged 13 to 16 using scenarios that they encounter every day. This way they can focus on familiar, useful topics – without feeling unduly stressed. 

Why use our Secondary English Test

Our tests measure your students’ ability to use English in real-life situations. You can be confident the results show a reliable measurement of their English skills.

By covering familiar topics, the test allows students to focus on their exam performance. Topics include:

  • Social media
  • Homework
  • School events 
  • Sports

Our Secondary English Test:

  • Is age-appropriate – Our tests reflect activities and scenarios teens experience all the time.
  • Allows easy integration – A course-agnostic test that easily integrates with different curricula.
  • Can be adapted – Carry out tests in multiple locations with a variety of group sizes. 
  • Offers quick results – Find out how your students did within 48 hours. 
  • Promises accurate results to identify strengths and areas for improvement – Tests are scored out of 50 and are in line with internationally recognised CEFR standards, providing CEFR scores for each skill and the overall level.

Use the Secondary English Test to:

  • Place students in the right courses and test their progress during the academic year.
  • Evaluate learning programmes and teaching methodologies.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching and assess readiness for taking high-stakes exams.
  • Establish an objective measure of students' level that can be showcased to parents with confidence.

How the Secondary English Test works

We know it’s important for students to measure their progress. Students can take our tests and modules multiple times. This lets them see how they are improving over the course of their studies, which can be a big motivator for many. 

Our Secondary English Test assesses the four key language skills. It also assesses knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

The test looks like this:

  • Reading: 30 minutes 
  • Writing: 50 minutes 
  • Listening: 55 minutes 
  • Speaking: 12 minutes
  • Grammar and vocabulary: 25 minutes 

Prepare students for their academic future

  • The test guides and familiarises students with higher-education testing, such as Aptis, which is based on the same testing system.
  • The test offers an external, objective measure of each student’s level that can be showcased to parents with confidence.

Unlock their potential

  • Students will receive a score on a numerical scale (0–50) and a CEFR level (A1–C) for each skill they take. 
  • You can compare individual and group results to identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to optimise your English teaching programmes. 

Accurate results

Fast results mean that you can test students regularly. By monitoring progress you can identify what you need to do to help students reach their learning goals. See how your students are progressing towards national school exams and other educational milestones mapped to CEFR.

A test you can trust

Our Secondary English Test is accurate, flexible and reliable. Developed by British Council assessment experts, it is designed to fit teachers’ and students’ needs. Based on the British Council Aptis testing methodology, the test has been validated in a number of studies by independent researchers.

  • Mapped against CEFR, the Secondary English Test follows a globally recognised framework. 
  • Detailed score reports mean you can easily understand your teenagers’ results. 
  • The speaking and writing parts are marked within 48 hours by trained examiners, following strict standards.
  • Designed by the British Council’s assessment experts and backed by extensive research.

Flexible & efficient testing

  • Easily integrate the test with your curriculum, without having to change your teaching methodology.
  • Decide on the time, date and place of testing. It is a computer-delivered test and can be set up at your school.
  • Administer the test internally or outsource it to our teams, freeing up your staff’s time and ensuring high test-security standards.

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