About Connecting Classrooms in Taiwan

Connecting Classrooms is a successful international education programme that offers opportunities for schools in Taiwan to partner with schools in the UK and globally. It provides additional professional development opportunities for teachers including sharing best practice with colleagues in the UK and Taiwan.


In Taiwan the Connecting Classrooms has connected over 200 schools and over 20,000 young people have participated in a number of programmes. The result of these programmes included:

  • enhancing teacher skills and sharing best practice in order to raise standards and to provide better education for young people
  • increasing the capacity of young people so they have the skills, understanding and outlook required to both live and work in a global economy and offer a positive contribution.

Classrooms are connected in a variety of ways, including partnerships, online collaborations and professional development opportunities:

  • School partnerships: access to establish a sustainable relationship with a school.
  • Professional development for teachers: being equipped to tackle global themes in the classroom with our regional face-to-face workshops and online courses.
  • School leadership development: capacity building for head teachers.
  • Policy dialogues: engaging in an international educational network to discuss, exchange and collaborate to improve school education.
  • Connecting Classrooms: providing specially developed resources to help you and your partner school explore a number of social, environmental, and cultural themes.

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