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Speaker Position and Institution Title Date of the original presentation
Sarah Rogerson Director of Assessment, Oxford University Press Assessment for learning to improve achievement and motivation 18 May 2021


Key Recommendations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sarah Rogerson, Director of Assessment, Oxford University Press

  • Integrate assessment for learning within a four-skill based curriculum and tie in approaches with the Common Framework of Reference to ensure an increase in measurable student achievements.
  • Use formative assessment processes to help prepare students for high stakes summative tests.
  • Create more active participants within an assessment for learning framework as this will lead to improved student confidence, motivation and metacognition, which can enable independent learning.
  • Provide teacher training to ensure teachers are equipped to get feedback from their students on the quality of their teaching and how to improve it. Ensure feedback is seen as a two-way process, which can enable teachers to improve and better target their assessment and teaching approaches to the needs of their students. The best teachers or the rock star teachers are the ones that act on the feedback that they are provided.


​​​​​​​5 Key Messages on Assessment for Learning

  1. Teachers guide learners towards their goals
  2. For learners of all ages and levels
  3. Moves the learning forwards
  4. Better outcomes and achievement
  5. Positive attitudes towards lifelong learning


3 Possible Quick Wins

  1. Teacher training: 

     a) ​​​​​​​Assessment literacy

     b) Principles of assessment for learning

     c) How to give good feedback

     d) Improving learner agency

2. Learning objectives aligned to the curriculum

3. Clear examples of what good looks like