• Classes start in March 2024
  • XinYi and Songshan
  • 54 hours (18 weeks) per module (Module A and Module B)
  • Two 1.5-hour classes or one 3-hour class per week

Take your first steps and learn authentic English

MyFoundation is a course for lower-level English language students. You will take part in real-life communication activities in class designed to help you develop your foundation skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our structured course will enable you to build your confidence and your use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Language points are regularly reviewed throughout the course to support you in your studies, together with expert teaching, progress tests and extra study sessions.


MyFoundation Beginner (Module A and Module B)

Our Beginner level is designed for students who already have some basic knowledge of English and can communicate in a simple way.

  • Develop your speaking and listening skills through discussing everyday topics, and practise your pronunciation including tricky sounds, word stress and tones.
  • Improve your reading skills and practise writing simple sentences and short paragraphs about your life. 

Course levels

Beginner (A1)

Find out about our English levels for adults and how they support your learning experience and progress.

Your study options

  • 2 x 54-hour modules– MyFoundation Beginner (A & B)

Please refer to the timetable at the bottom of this page