MyClass, which has taken the world by storm, will help to bring English into your life and expand your horizons. The course is designed so you can take away what you need, meaning that adults of all ages, lifestyles, and goals will be able to regain their confidence in communication and learn at a pace that suits them best. Take a look at what our students have to say:



"It is the best learning experience and teaching team! You will have opportunities to practice conversations with your classmates. The foreign teachers will observe you carefully, and provide you with guidance, corrections, and suggestions. There are many interesting activities, which makes language learning fun, and during the process, you might even discover different cultures' differences in perspectives or attitudes. This is something that is quite difficult to gain in traditional teaching."

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"Different from traditional cram schools, with MyClass, you can choose the time that is convenient for you, and also choose the units that you are interested in. This is a great motivation for me to learn English, because I no longer need endure the spoon-feeding methods of formal education. When you encounter difficulties during class, the teacher patiently guides you to help you understand where the problems lie. This has helped me greatly to improve my confidence in learning English."



"There are many opportunities to speak in class, and the class atmosphere is relaxed and stress-free. After every 10 lessons, the teachers give you an evaluation and provide directions for improvement, so that you do not lose sight of your goals. In addition, MyClass students also have teaching consultants to provide one-to-one and group consultations, where we can get English learning tips. They also plan monthly MyClub extracurricular activities which you can participate in for free."



"The impact of MyClass is gradual. At first, you might doubt if you have made any progress at all. One day, I found myself starting to look forward to opportunities where I could use English, and I could begin to understand simple videos. In addition to the progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing, the greatest benefit of MyClass was knowing how to evaluate my English proficiency in terms of the range of vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation."



"I really like the class environment here and I am very happy to meet many friends who are also improving their English. The MyClass courses not only have a fixed class time, but also have activities (almost once a month), such as overseas connections and museum visits. For me, participating in MyClass is not only as simple as going to a place to take a class, it is also a good opportunity to properly experience how to apply new English skills in real life through learning in stages!"



"Taking a class here means that you have many opportunities to hold conversations with the teachers or classmates. You will not only be learning vocabulary or grammar, but also learn intonation and even more idiomatic phrases. In addition, the teacher gives feedback to each student after every ten lessons, so you know which areas you can still improve and how to improve them. These have helped me quite a lot, and have given me a clearer direction in my studies so I can make progress faster!"



"The teachers and ability-based class design are of excellent quality. There are two class sessions available on weekday evenings, even if you leave work late, you can still make good use of the time after work to improve your English conversation skills. In the past, English classes have always been very stressful and I usually didn't actively take part in speaking. However, the guided teaching method of the  teachers helped me increase my self-confidence and I am no longer afraid to speak."



"I discovered the British Council's MyClass courses by chance and found a diversified curriculum design and flexible course selection, which suited the individual's personal work style very well. The teachers are all very professional and enthusiastic. In class, the atmosphere and the interaction between classmates is very pleasant, and I could feel myself gradually improving. At work, I have become more familiar with the meetings and discussions of foreign manufacturers."



"The course content is diverse and the class time is flexible, which can meet the needs of adults in different fields. All teachers in class have professional teaching qualifications and are highly-experienced in teaching. The class environment is bright and clean, so that every adult who enjoys learning can feel comfortable and immersed in the English language world."



"I started with MyClass courses in March 2017, and I have already participated in two courses. The most significant improvement is that I have more confidence to talk with foreigners and express my opinions! During this period, I also got the TOEIC Gold Certificate and 130 in Speaking, which enabled me to successfully pass the job entrance exam of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). I would like to thank MyClass for opening another door for my career!"