The British Council’s myClass puts you in control of your learning. Lessons help you develop English that is relevant to your individual needs for effective communication in English. We give you the support you require to activate your language and build confidence to swiftly reach your goals in using English.

In Control: Take direction of your learning

Clear, real-life aims are provided for each class, which means you choose lessons and topics that are relevant to you and your needs. You can book and cancel lessons via our online booking system, on days and times that match your busy schedule.  During your journey with us, our teachers and the professional student care team will guide you in setting the goals you need to succeed.

Activation of language: Take what you know, learn some more, and start using it.

As a myClass learner, you take an active role in your progress with us. In each lesson you will take part in real-life tasks such as discussions, meetings, and presentations. You will activate the language you already have, and build upon it by learning new language, and developing your pronunciation to make it effective in communication. This will make you a more active language user in similar situations in real life. Our teachers observe and guide you, giving constructive feedback on how you can improve. Regular in-class assessments focus on your success in communicating using a range of language accurately and fluently. Through myClass, you will see the progress you are making, as through activating your English you won’t just know about the language, you will be able to use it. 

Reaching Goals: Build the confidence you need to reach your goals

By activating your English, you will build the confidence you need to be an effective communicator in English. myClass lessons are 100% face-to-face, delivered by professional, enthusiastic teachers. This creates unique, inclusive and positive learning experiences, and increases the confidence you need in real-life situations. You will also engage with different cultures and ways of life, developing your intercultural awareness and understanding. Online practice and myClub activities complement the lessons, providing you with further practice to help you reach your goals with the British Council’s myClass.

Course information


    • Pre-Intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Upper-Intermediate

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    There is no textbook. Every lesson uses original British Council materials. Each lesson is 100% face-to-face and lasts 1.5 hours. It typically takes 60 lessons to progress through a level, but our teachers and Study Advisor will help review your progress throughout the course.


    Each level is organised into themes with four lessons in each, covering a wide range of social English, business English and everyday English topics.


    We make sure that everyone is taught at the best level for their needs. Before you start this course book a consultation with one of our English experts to discuss your needs for this course.

Theme and lessons
Everyday English

Your lessons focus on authentic everyday English with real life topics and practical language tasks, whatever your language needs. 

Sample themes:

Food, glorious food

  • Memorable meals
  • Cuisine and food 
  • Designing a food experience 
  • Restaurant bookings 

Travel, culture and global trekking

  • Effective anecdotes
  • Film and literature
  • Talking about celebrities
  • Discussing music

Let's go on holiday!

  • Hotel meet and greet
  • Change of plan
  • A nightmare holiday
  • The problem is …

Theme and lessons
Workplace & Social English

Choose the lessons that will get you ahead in life. Whether you are looking for a job, or aiming to improve your abilities to use English in the workplace, there is a clear path to English success in your area of business. Develop your knowledge and understanding of English for use in overseas study contexts, exploring both essential academic language, and the knowledge of wordwide culture needed to participate successfully in everyday life.

Sample topics:

Handle meetings with confidence

  • Effective negotiation
  • Meeting topics and discussion
  • Opinions in meetings
  • Building group consensus 

Professionally speaking

  • The business trip was…
  • Project progress meeting
  • Planning a product launch
  • Presenting an action plan

Developing your career

  • Job review
  • So, how does it work?
  • Finding the right career
  • What have you done?

Talking about lifestyle

  • Comparing situations
  • Have an opinion
  • Table manners
  • Lifestyle differences

Crafting the perfect story

  • Life stories 
  • Talking about events 
  • Be a brilliant storyteller
  • The skill of storytelling

Engaging in meaningful conversation

  • Avoiding dead air
  • Listening and engaging in stories
  • Effective listening
  • Emotions and feelings

Theme and lessons
Cultural and Academic English

Develop your knowledge and understanding of English for use in overseas study contexts, exploring both essential academic language, and the knowledge of wordwide culture needed to participate successfully in everyday life.

Sample topics:

Culture Lessons

  • Cultural pastimes
  • Cultural misunderstandings
  • Social networking
  • Sporting events
  • Music festivals 

Academic Lessons

  • Academic forums
  • International study
  • Studying abroad