Since its launch, MyClass has helped one thousand students to build their confidence and have fun learning English. See how they full in love with English in MyClass!

Certified international instructors

Claire: “The teachers here will correct my pronunciation and sentence structure, which helps me speak English more fluently.”

Joe: “Other than England, teachers come from different countries, such as from Australia, America, and Canada. Every teacher has a different teaching style. I like how I can choose which class to attend depending on my own time, theme, and teacher preference.”

One-on-one live conversations

Boris: “With MyClass, English is not just about memorizing grammar and vocabulary, but using it to communicate. Teachers encourage us to talk with different classmates, which has helped to improve my English.”

Lois: “Class is interesting and there is always a bit of a surprise in each lesson. The friendly environment makes you speak English at ease even if it’s not correct. I built my confidence in using English here.”


Embracing English as part of your everyday life

Ella: “The practical class content can help us know how to use different vocabulary based on different themes, which is really good for changing jobs or going abroad in the future.”

Alonso: “The multiple class themes can help me prepare for IELTS, and are also really useful for going abroad. I can practice vocabulary in my daily life and use a greater variety of language in my conversation with foreigners.”

An all-English speaking environment

Vicky: “With MyClass, I feel as if I am still studying in England. The flexible class time and high quality have also persuaded me to sign up for lessons for my kids! It is awesome to learn English together with my family!”

Mark: “After I came back to Taiwan from England, I chose to study here to retain my English level. The great teaching materials and experienced teachers really helped me to do this.”

Make new friends and expand your horizons

Greta: “I’ve made a lot of new friends here and enjoy working and studying  with my classmates.”

Nancy: “I like the English learning atmosphere here. By interacting with others, learning becomes an interesting thing.” 

Flexible class schedule that fits into your balanced life

Naomi: “Thanks to the flexible class time, I can arrange my lessons after work.

Peter: “I participate in a lot of clubs and need to study for exams in college, but with the flexible class option, I can choose a class that fits my schedule and I can cancel it within 24 hours.”

Richard: “MyClass provides a stress-free environment. Class time option is flexible. Moreover, our teachers are really good looking.”