Using English has become an increasingly important skill for people living in Taiwan. The following 7 scenarios — each featuring one of our extraordinary teachers — promise to make your next encounter with English speakers a more comfortable one!  

Native-like Fluency: Our teacher Paul will show you how to speak fluent, native-like English with the right intonation pattern

Do you know that a sentence can convey different meanings depending on which word is emphasised? Paul demonstrates — in a highly amusing way — how the connotation of a simple sentence, “I never said she stole my money,” can completely change depending on which word is stressed.   

Introduce Taiwan: Our teacher Adam gives you an insight on sharing your life in an engaging manner

Is “very convenient” the only modifier you can think of when introducing Taiwan to international pals? Be an effective spokesperson for our beloved country by adding to your adjective stockpile sentence patterns such as “I love the fact that you can…/You can find a lot of…”! 

Storytelling: Our teacher Joel shows you how to be a humorous and riveting storyteller!

Want to rev up a global friendship through the sharing of everyday observations but struggling to deliver substantial, well-structured narratives? Improve your oral fluency with an English storytelling practice: use simple conjunctions as breathers in between sentences.  Your audience will never fall asleep again! 

Ordering Food: Learn from our teacher David 3 linguistic strategies to satisfy your culinary desires

When ordering something to eat overseas, do you always leave the waiter looking confused? David proposes 3 strategies to ease your anxiety and make this process an easier one for everyone involved: be polite (by starting questions with “I would like…,” for instance), confirm your order (using the correct vocabulary) and request the waiting staff to repeat. 

The Art of Giving Directions: Let our teacher Jack show you how to give directions to others in a clear and coherent fashion

Are you too nervous to articulate when giving directions in English? Jack advises to say “go straight, turn right/left” or “it’s on the left/right” instead of the baffling “walking, walking,”.

Enriched Content: Learn from our teacher David and speak like a native speaker

Can’t seem to conduct an English conversation without the clichéd “good,” “new” or “easy”? Simply expand your arsenal of adjectives to achieve multi-dimensional dialogues — as well as a native-like level of narrative competence. 

Self-Learning: Learn from our teacher Chetan and improve your English proficiency

To supplement the English classes, Chetan offers 3 extracurricular self-help tips to bolster your command of the English language, slowly but surely. 

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