Not confident in pitching to foreign customers? These six scenarios give you an understanding of the best way to build a professional image.

Outstanding Presentation: Only able to read from your notes? Our teacher Paul will show you how to make your presentation fun and engaging!

Never bore your audience again. Use eye contact, a good range of adjectives and better intonation to make your presentation engaging and convincing.

Interview Tips: Let our teacher Amy show you key strategies for interviews! 

To say I am “good” is no longer enough. Amy encourages everyone to try advanced adjectives such as hard working, competent, tech savvy to fully express oneself and to leave a lasting impression.

Talk in a Meeting: Let our teacher James shows you how to communicate effectively and speak up in meetings!

You have a sudden flash of inspiration and you speak up in a meeting, only to be shut down by your colleagues. James says that these two lines will enable you to both interrupt and communicate effectively: “Could I just add something / Could I just jump in and say that…”

Professional Customer Service: Follow our teacher Oliver and learn how to soothe angry customers

What do you do when faced with difficult customers at work? Oliver suggests that you start with a courteous reply by saying “I am sorry about that”, so the customer knows you are sincere. Next, offer solutions, win customers over and keep up the company’s reputation.

Sales Skills: Our teacher Ronan will show you how to be an outstanding sales person.

Persuasion is the key to successful buying and selling transactions. Ronan advises, “Start with a question, followed by presenting certain benefits, and you are sure to close a sale.”

Pitching is a Piece of Cake: Follow our teacher Ian as he teaches you the tricks of easy pitching

Are your pitches always rejected by your supervisor? No worries, Ian will show you how to use Subjunctive tone, “would” in sentences, as well as corresponding substitute schemes to enhance your chances for a successful pitch.

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