In your 20s, English can broaden your horizons. By reading and learning international news, you expand your views in daily life.

"A lot of people say technology connects you to the world, but when I tried to use it, I found it impossible to do so without language skills. Once my English improved, I began to look for more channels of information; for example, you can follow different issues or organisations on Twitter. MyClass made a great difference by giving me the confidence to speak English. Once by allowing me to speak English with confidence, my other English abilities were boosted as well." Cara Tsai

In your 30s, learning English is a fun way to boost your social skills; being able to use English effectively in social situations can take your interpersonal skills to a whole new level.

"The key to making breakthroughs in English language learning is your own will to succeed! The teachers here at the British Council understand why students are afraid to speak, which is why they have many different techniques that encourage us to express ourselves and stimulate our interest.  Speaking English comes naturally here, just as if it were our mother tongue.  In the future, I plan to go backpacking alone to different places around the world. I found the inspiration for this goal in MyClass. It's also a goal I've set for myself, and I plan to achieve it!." Alice Jian

In your 40s, English can make life smoother for you in the workplace; if you want to make sure that things get done right, first make sure that you can explain clearly what needs to be done.

"I used to get very nervous when talking to foreigners. I even had to rehearse repeatedly before I spoke to them on the phone. English comes naturally to me now, and I’m also very comfortable with reading and writing emails in English. This ability to use English with freedom and ease has given me the confidence to speak with foreigners in a professional capacity. For me, language is not just a tool or a means of communication; it’s also a window into many other different cultures. We’re learning language here at the British Council, but we’re also learning culture, and it is this kind of knowledge that has enabled me to continue my journey forward and to explore new possibilities! " Laury Chen

In your 50s, English can enrich your life; by making effective use of the learning resources that are available, learning English can become an important and valued part of your lifestyle.

“Since I retired, I have been learning English slowly but steadily, treating it as something to be enjoyed. There is no pressure, and the learning process helps me keep up to date with new technology and new ideas, while also providing a more diverse range of ways in which to interact with English. In the British Council, I am free to choose the topics that I am interested in. I have found the advice that the instructors give us about tone of voice and pronunciation to be incredibly useful! Now, I can chat easily and confidently with foreigners, and I feel much more relaxed when travelling overseas; I no longer get nervous when I get asked questions in English by customs and immigration officers! ” Johnson Hsu


MyClass is a new, flexible way for you to develop your English. You can choose the lessons that best suit your interests and your schedule. Teaching is 100% face-to-face.

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