myClass 各取所需的課程設計,讓不同年紀、生活、目標的大人們,找回最自在舒適的學習模式,60堂課自信開口說英文!立即免費體驗

Find your voice with MyClass – an active learning community where you can practise the language with new friends and inspire each other.

Learn together, learn better

MyClass will help develop more than just your English skills. Our learning space provides an immersive environment where everyone can participate and help each other grow in confidence.

You will work in small groups to complete tasks, where the teacher will observe, advise and give active feedback. Plus, with lots of speaking practise in your groups, you’ll soon develop practical English skills that you can really use.

獨家的Connecting Countries國際連線,讓你與來自世界各地的myClass學員交流,體驗不同文化與生活方式,培養跨文化的溝通技巧

Learn more than a language

Take your language skills to another level with MyClub, a schedule of free cultural and social sessions. MyClub provides a great opportunity to connect with learners and practise English beyond the classroom.

Each month we run free MyClub Social Events, where you can practice using English, whilst socialising with other classmates. Activities include, going out to eat, museums and festival themed parties! MyClub also Connecting Countries: an online forum for meeting other British Council students from all around the world.