The Cambridge support site says that on average it takes about 200 hours of preparation to move up a band in IELTS (e.g. 5-6). Taking a preparation course with us and using our self-study tips, can help you complete the extensive preparation needed to achieve you target band score!

Prepare for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with the world’s English experts and you will:

  • learn test taking strategies for IELTS, so you are well prepared to achieve the results you need in the world’s most widely recognised English proficiency test
  • be taught by an expert teacher who is knowledgeable about the IELTS test and can answer any questions you have along the way
  • receive extensive writing and speaking practice  and a free mock test with individual feedback on your strengths and areas to improve 
  • feel more confident on the day of your test - as one of the co-creators of IELTS, no one is better positioned than us to help you get your optimal result.
  • work toward your desired result which can help you live, study and work around the world

Key areas covered throughout the 20 lesson course include:

  • Learn how to look for keywords and thinking of synonyms, predicting answers.
  • Learn how to answer, and practice different question types: e.g. multiple choice, short-answer questions, sentence completion, table completion, labelling.
Part 1 
  • Extending your answers.
  • Useful language to sound natural.
  • Vocabulary related to common topics.

Part 2 

  • Speaking for 2 minutes.
  • How to use different grammatical forms.

Part 3

  • Language for giving and supporting opinions.
  • Language for evaluating, comparing, speculating and suggesting.
  • Learn how to skim, scan, look for keywords and think of synonyms, predict answers, and guess meaning from context.  
  • Learn how to answer different question types: e.g. multiple choice, short-answer questions, sentence completion, true, false, not given, matching headings to paragraphs.
Writing: You will do at least 6 pieces of writing that you will receive feedback on
Task 1 
  • Learn how to identify different types of graphs and diagrams and practice writing about them: e.g. changes over time graphs, comparison graphs, process diagrams, and maps.
  • Learn vocabulary and grammar for describing these.

Task 2 

  • Learn how to identify and structure different types of essays: e.g. For and Against, Thesis led, 2 Parts, Problem and Solution.
  • Learn useful cohesive devices, vocabulary for common topics, and relevant grammatical structures.
Learn useful topic-specific vocabulary, and phrases to help you get a higher band score.
Learn and develop your grammatical range to help you get a higher band score.
Learn and practice various features of English pronunciation to help with listening and speaking: e.g. stress and weak forms, linking words, intonation, difficult phonemes.  
Self-Study Resources and Tips 
  • Get regular homework and ideas for things to do at home.
  • Get ideas about useful websites and books for self-study.
  • Get useful tips for self-study.

Course information


    • Pre-Intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Upper-Intermediate

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    We make sure that everyone is taught at the best level for their needs.Before you start this course book a consultation with one of our English experts to discuss your needs for this course.


    These courses run every one to two months, throughout the year. You can join any time.

    Classes are:

    • 3 hours, 2 times a week over 10 weeks
    • 6 hours, 1 time a week over 10 weeks

    Each preparation course is 60 hours in total and includes a free mock test.


    Students holding a valid IELTS Test Report Form dated within the last two years are entitled to a free placement test and an 8% discount on our IELTS Preparation Course.