Oxford International AQA Examinations is a joint venture between Oxford University Press, a department of University of Oxford and AQA, the UK’s leading academic awarding body of GCSEs and A-Levels. Drawing on over 100 years of exams experience, OxfordAQA is meticulous about how the qualifications are developed.

Private candidates may enter for Oxford International GCSE and International A-Level (IAL) examinations through British Council Taiwan.

For more information please visit the Oxford International AQA Examinations Official Website.

Registration and Examinations Date

Registration Date

The May/June 2024 International A Level and International IGCSE exam series are open for registration at the following dates:

  • Standard Entry Period: 01 Jan 2024 to 14 Feb 2024
  • Late Entry Period: 15 Feb 2024 to 10 Apr 2024

Examinations Date 

  • OxfordAQA International GCSE Timetable (please refer to the 'download' section below)
  • OxfordAQA International AS & A-Level (IAS/IAL) (please refer to the 'download' section below)

Exam arrangements will be released via the online exam registration system or email.

Exams Registration Process

Registration Procedures

Online Registration Instructions

1. Visit Our Registration Website: Please visit the registration website and choose ‘Taiwan’ from drop down box and click ‘Continue’.

2. Choose Exam Category: Please choose the relevant information from the drop-down lists:

• Awarding Body – Oxford AQA

• Exam session

• Qualification level – Desired qualification such as A Level, GCSE, etc.

• Location: Location for the exam

• Subjects: the codes are those of Oxford AQA subjects, e.g., PH01 Physics. Candidates can choose multiple subjects. Candidates can type codes if known. You will also need to select an overall subject award code if certification is required (e.g., 9631 Physics AS subject award; 9632 Physics A-level subject award).

3. Add Subjects to Basket: Click ‘Search’ the system offers them the chosen subjects, add exams to basket, and then click ‘Proceed to Basket’.

4. Register your membership: Please sign in or create a new account by clicking ‘Sign up’.

5. Confirm Exam Details: Please confirm your registration details. If you have one Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) number, please fill in your UCI number. If you need to receive an overall qualification grade, you must also select the Subject Award codes (cash-in codes). The Subject Award codes can be found in the Entry Codes book in the Downloads area.

6. Terms and Conditions: Please read the Terms and Conditions, and click confirm to proceed.

7. Making Payment: British Council Taiwan offers 2 methods of offline payments:

• MPayNow: This method supports Visa, Mastercard, and JCB payment. After your application is complete, please send an email to exams@britishcouncil.org.tw with the email title: OxfordAQA Registration Complete – Name – Transaction Reference Number, and we will send you a payment link to proceed with your payment.

• Bank Transfer: Please send us your bank transfer receipt via our email: exams@britishcouncil.org.tw

8. Confirmation: Once your registration is complete, we will send you a confirmation email containing the test details. If you have not received the confirmation email three days before the proposed test date, please contact us.

On the test day

  • Candidates should report to the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each exams.
  • Candidates must bring the same passport used at registration. If any candidates under 18 need to be collected after the end of the tests, the parent(s), guardian(s), any other authorized person(s) must present the Minor Candidate Consent Form (under 18) to invigilators.
  • Candidates may bring stationary into the exam room. No mobile phones, books, dictionaries, papers or any other devices are allowed unless approved for that subject.
  • In the event of exam cancellation due to a typhoon, natural disaster, or any other reason beyond our control, the British Council makes appropriate announcements via the British Council Taiwan website and email according to the Taipei City Government policy.
  • Unless an announcement has been made by the Taipei City Government that classes and work are cancelled, all registered candidates must assume that the examination will be conducted as originally scheduled.

Fees and Terms of Payment


Please refer to the following Price Lists

  • OxfordAQA International GCSE Price List
  • OxfordAQA International AS & A-Level(IAS/IAL)Price List

Terms of Payment

  • All fees must be paid in TWD through the Online Registration System.
  • All fees must be paid no later than deadline of each entry stage to which you're applying.

Please note that you will NOT be entered for the exams unless the full payment has been received.

Refund and Cancellation

  • Candidates may cancel bookings before the late entry deadline. TWD750 per unit will be refunded for cancellation requested and approved before the late entry deadline. Please contact us for the refund request form.
  • No refund will be provided if cancellation is requested after the second stage late entry deadline.
  • Sufficient evidence or explanation must be given if cancellation is requested. This evidence can be in Chinese or English. Evidence can be a medical report or accident report (or similar), which should be issued by an authorised body. The report should include both the signature of the doctor or professional and stamp of the institution as well as indicate that the situation prohibits the candidate from taking the exam on the scheduled date.
  • For International GCSE, candidates could only apply for cancellation by option (e.g. 9201), but not by unit (e.g. 9201/01).
  • No refund will be provided if you are absent from the exam or late for the exam.

Results and Certificates


Information for exam results will be sent to candidates via e-mail.


Certificates will be available,

  • in the late of June for January exam series
  • in the early of November for May/June exam series
  • in the late of March for October/November exam series

Candidates will be notified by email when their certificates are ready for collection.

Post-test Service

Statement of Results Attesting Service

Candidates who register for the OxfordAQA exams at our centre may submit a request for a provisional statement of results attesting service at our centre. Candidates should submit an application on our online system and make payment accordingly. Candidates will be charged TWD 1200 (VAT excluded) per request for this service.

Late Cash-in Request

After the result release date, candidates can make a late request for the award (Late cash-in) for the current exam series. Candidates will be charged TWD 1200 (VAT excluded) per subject. Extra fee will be charged if the application is submitted after the following deadline. Please contact us for more details.

Enquiries about Results

Candidates who register for the OxfordAQA exams at our centre may submit their enquiries about results within the period set by OxfordAQA and the British Council. We are unable to process any enquiries about results for candidates from other test centres. Applicants should submit an application on our exams registration system, and make the online payment as required.

To apply for post results services, please contact us for more details.

Oxford International AQA Examinations Results Enquiries Total Fee (TWD VAT excluded)
Service Code Description International GCSE IAL

Clerical re-check

A check of all clerical procedures which lead to us issuing a result. It makes sure all parts of the exam paper have been marked, marks have been recorded/added up correctly and special consideration has been applied (where appropriate).


Review of marking and Clerical re-check

A review of marking of units/components by a senior examiner and it includes the re-checks detailed in Service B.


Copy of reviewed or clerical checked scripts

It includes a copy of reviewed exam paper, but should be requested at the same time with Service A or Service B.


For other enquires about result service available, please contact us.


Q1: What is Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI)?

A unique candidate identifier (UCI) is a unique reference to candidate and lasts for the duration of their study career. It is used for aggregation of unit results for modular exams. Each candidate will only have one UCI number no matter which test centre he or she comes from. It can be found on the Statement of Entry. For the first time test taker, the UCI will be created by the centre and please input “NA” in the registration form. While for the registered candidates, please keep using the previous UCI in all the exam sessions, blank UCI or wrong UCI may render your aggregation void.

Q2: What is Cash-in?

OxfordAQA International A-Level Cash-in is the process of combining the unit grades under the applied subjects in accordance with the regulations of OxfordAQA. Each subject has a unique cash-in code for its AS-Level and A-Level, which is four digits codes starts with 96. The appropriate cash-in code should be submitted in the application.

Q3: How to deal with the time clash between different exams?

With the same exam series, there may be different scenarios of exam timetable clash:

  • For timetable clash between multiple subjects of OxfordAQA exams registered at our centre, we will make re-arrangement accordingly. Candidates should refer to the Confirmation Letter for the final timetable. Candidates sitting these two exams will be under full centre supervision during the interval, which they will not be permitted to use mobile phones and any other electronic devices or communicate with other candidates.
  • We are unable to make any rearrangement for timetable clash between OxfordAQA and other exams (e.g. Cambridge Assessment). Candidates should avoid this kind of time clash before registering for exams.

Q4: Could I register at different centres at the same time?

Within the same exam series, candidates can register for the exams of different subjects at different centres, but not the same subject at different centres. Please also note that if you register for exams at different centres within the same exam series, it may lead to problems like failure to rearrange timetable clash, any loss caused by this will be borne by the candidates themselves. Therefore, registering for all exams at one test centre is highly recommended.

Q5: Are my results of each unit and qualification only valid for a set number of years?

All the results and qualifications remain valid.

Q6: Notice to Under-18 Candidates

While registering under 18 candidates at our centre, the parents and/or guardians should:

  1. Read thoroughly the Minor Safety Regulations on our exams registration system
  2. Download and complete the Minor Candidate Consent Form
  3. Indicate how the candidate will leave the venue after the exams, and upload relevant documents as required
  4. On test day, parents, guardians or any other authorised people must present the original copy of ID to be checked by invigilator with the form