We shape and drive International Higher Education through thought leadership, research and policy dialogues. We promote and support International Higher Education collaborations and partnerships between universities, industry and governments. We promote and support the exchange and mobility of students, scholars and academics into and outward from the UK.

Global Policy and Education Dialogue

We provide and support international opportunities for governments,  academics, researchers, institutions and policy makers to share innovation, expertise, knowledge and best practice in teaching, research and policy through our conferences and policy exchanges in Taiwan and globally. 

  • Going Global : Going Global delivers a global forum for world leaders of international education to debate the role the international arena plays in global tertiary education policy.
  • Global Education Dialogues : The East Asia Series -The East Asia Series provides a programme of dialogues to frame the debate on the issues affecting higher education in East Asia and the UK. Each Policy Dialogue features the latest thinking in its area with new research and input from government and industry leaders.

Knowledge Economy Partnerships

We foster international partnerships for collaboration in education, research and development between higher education institutions and organisations in Taiwan and in the UK. Our work in partnerships focuses on internationalising higher education, sharing the UK’s expertise and innovation, and bringing partners together to work on collaborative projects. We also provide opportunities for exchanges by organising missions into and outward from the UK that bring UK educational and research institutions to Taiwan and Taiwanese educators and researchers to the UK. 

Student Mobility and UK Alumni

We promote international education and support students to access international opportunities for study.  Students broaden their perspectives on the world by studying abroad, and the British Council is working to encourage student mobility and build lasting relationships between Taiwan and the UK. We also promote UK alumni engagement through initiatives and events. 

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