Introduce your child to English in a fun way with our Primary Prep and Basic Course for beginners

Learning to read is the most important factor in children being successful at school and in life.

Research conducted by US and UK government has shown that synthetic phonics is the best method to teach both native and non-native children how to read. It is now used in primary schools all over the world to teach literacy to students.

Our young learner specialists are trained to be able to deliver different kinds of approaches to teaching phonics including: 

  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • fluency
  • guided oral reading
  • listening skills
  • building up a bank of useful ‘lexical chunks’ and vocabulary
  • comprehension strategies
  • writing skills 

Our classes are learner-centred, multi-sensory and enable your child to discover for themselves rules about spelling, sounding out words and strategies to work out meaning of new words.

Our course not only includes beautifully illustrated student books which introduce new words and sounds and workbooks to give students writing practise. It also contains colourful readers which present the new words in a fun, meaningful context. In addition, your child will also learn useful ‘lexical’ chunks such as classroom instructions, greetings and phrases for working together so that they are confident learning in an all English environment.

Course information

  • Course format

    • Students are encouraged to register for a full year for the most effective English learning experience, but you are welcome to join anytime during the course.
    • Classes are once every week for three hours. Each semester is 20 weeks (60 hours) in total.
  • Courses locations