More than just an English course – learn English for the real world 

Designed by the world’s English experts, this is no ordinary English course. You will enjoy dynamic lessons on real-life topics that prepare you for a global world. 

Practical. Challenging. Hands on.  

Your spoken English will improve alongside your written English as you:

  • gain confidence in speaking English through activities such as presentations, fun debates, vlogging and interviews 
  • learn about real-world topics like urbanisation, the environment, ethical food and climate change
  • develop life skills such as collaboration and leadership to help you succeed in the future, and have lots of fun along the way.

Feel welcome in a friendly class 

Learn English in an inclusive learning space, with people your own age. Your dedicated and talented teacher will treat you as an individual and motivate you to take charge of your learning. 

You can also practise your English on the go or at home using Secondary Online.

When you learn with us, the world opens up

Our Secondary English course will help you succeed at school, prepare for Cambridge English and IELTS exams and get ready for university. 

Making friends, studying and travelling – when you can speak English, you’re ready for anything.


Be Ready for the Future

Your child will study from a competency-based course running throughout the academic year, which focuses on helping learners in their development of grammar, vocabulary, functions, pronunciation and exam-taking skills through appropriate communicative tasks.


Course information

  • Course format

    • Students are encouraged to register for a full year for the most effective English learning experience, but you are welcome to join anytime during the course.
    • Classes are once every week for three hours. Each semester is 20 weeks (60 hours) in total.
  • Course locations

Communication and Problem Solving

Our students will continue to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, while also learning how to think logically and critically by defining causal relationships, looking for clues, sequencing, analysing and comparing and contrasting.

Creative and Cross-cultural Thinking

Through learning about the history and what currently goes on in different parts of our world, our students will develop a global sense that will allow them to think with a broader perspective.

Visual Literacy

The 21st century is increasingly image, media and technology driven. We aim for our students to be able to use all kinds of different media throughout their lifelong journey of knowledge and discovery.

Skills for Real Life

We believe that no matter young or old, English should be learned for use in real life, not just as a school subject. Students will apply what they've learned in class to develop individual or team "projects" as the final result of each module.

When your child has completed this course, they will: 

  • be better prepared for English at school level
  • be able to express ideas more clearly
  • be able to recognise and practise letters, sounds and sentence stress for good pronunciation
  • possess enhanced fluency in speaking and writing through a variety of fun tasks
  • have developed basic social skills  

As parents, you will always be connected to your child’s learning progress with regular meetings and reports.