British Council Urban Futures Programme

British Council launched the arts program “Urban Futures” from 2018 for 3 years across North-East Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.  “Urban Futures” aims to foster greater inclusion and innovation in cities through the arts.  In Taiwan, we will support cross-art institutions and practitioners to explore how art can make our cities more open, dynamic, inclusive and fit for the future. Our program themes focus on "Art & Social Activism", "Art, Science & Digital Innovation", "Art & Disability" and "Art & Ageing".

In August 2018, we proudly support Taipei Arts Festival to stage a social theatre production “The Money” created by Kaleider studio based in Exeter, UK. In this performance, audiences as “observers” and/or “players” participated in a game of simulated decision-making involving debates around capital and labor issues in the city. Urban development in Taiwan has gone through a journey of social activism.  Theatre has been one of the most important art forms for citizens in Taiwan to actively express their opinions and visions for a better future, on stage or in the protest.  We hope this production “The Money” could stimulate an interesting comparison of UK-TW active citizenship and encourage artists and audiences to be change makers for a better future of our urban life.          

About “The Money”

"The Money" is a cross between a game and a theatrical performance. You can choose to be either: a Silent Witness who watches or a Player who partakes in deciding how to spend a pot of real cash.

As a Player, you can be as creative as you like. But you must reach a collective agreement with your fellow Players before the timer runs out, and it must be within the law. If these conditions are not met, the money rolls over to the next group of Players. Silent Witnesses can buy in at any time and that can change the course of everything.

The playful premise of this renowned work sets the stage for one of the most memorable conversations you’ll ever have or witness - as altruism butts heads with personal interests, personalities clash and hierarchies are upended.

What is the most interesting thing we can do together that we could not apart?


Event details


25 August (Sat) 14:30

25 August (Sat) 19:30 

26 August (Sun) 14:30 (Post-discussion)


Venue: The Guangfu Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall (No. 98, Yanping South Road, Taipei)

Length: 100 minutes

Price: NTD 800 (Silent Witness) / 300 (Player)

Note: The play will be in English and Chinese with Interpreter. No intermission. Latecomers may not be admitted.

About 2018 Taipei Arts Festival

The first Taipei Arts Festival (TAF) was held in 1998. In 2018, the 20th edition of TAF opens up the artistic frame by inviting Taipei citizens and artists to actively participate and perform the complex relations today between the individual and the masses. From August to October, with lectures, workshops, exchanges, and dialogues, as well as theater, music, dance, and multimedia productions, this festival will be a platform on which to gather together the artistic energy of a wide range of different sources.

This year’s theme ASSEMBLY (translated as 為了~~在一起) asks each of us pause to think and fill in the blank of this brainteaser: “Because of ~~, We are Together’. What makes future co-existence? 

Taiwan, oft-admired as Asia’s progressive frontier, is the site from which ASSEMBLY seeks to reflexively stage ‘social democracy’ and ‘self-determination’, and probe the notion of ‘co-immunity’.