「myClass 大人的英語課」讓你學習更有感

Why do adults often find it challenging to benefit from learning English? 

Modern professionals have jobs and families, which does not leave them with much time to learn English. But if they find the right method that works for them, then they can still enjoy outstanding results from their English lessons.

Apart from unsuitable learning methods, another reason that adults oftentimes don’t get much out of their English lessons is that they are not sufficiently motivated or have a clear goal. Additionally, if the English classes are based on the rote memorization and tests that they experienced as students, then they will also lose interest as adults. On the other hand, a learning plan set with the help of a professional consultant, classmates with similar goals, and regular noticeable progress can all build a learner’s sense of accomplishment and motivation to learn English.



Learn English through the five senses!

The goal of MyClass is to give students the ability and confidence to communicate and express themselves in fluent English. This is accomplished through the five senses approach (eyes, ears, mouth, brain, and heart), internationally-certified instructors, and scenario-based teaching methodology. 

The five senses strategy helps adult students fully understand every aspect of the rhythm of English, and places a strong emphasis on real scenarios.

  • Brain, change how you think: Stop thinking in Chinese and start thinking in English.
  • Mouth, open up and speak: Use English easily and naturally in everyday life.
  • Eyes, read and understand: Gain new knowledge from a variety of first-hand sources. 
  • Ears, listen and absorb: Immersive learning environments help students absorb cultures and bridge gaps.
  • Heart, build confidence: Internationally-certified instructors and professional consultants help give you the confidence to use English.