Final call for 2019 English Summer Camp for Kids Ages 6-12: "What's in YOUR World?"

Designed by our experienced academic team, the all new 2019 Summer English Camp for Kids Ages 6-12 features a series of weekly courses on the theme of exploring the world and life around us. Children will learn about science, nature, history, geography, space, music, art through interactive activities and media, whilst collaborating with classmates to keep an "explorer's log" of what they have learned during the week, and present their learning outcomes to parents on the last day of the course. They will also learn how to form opinions, discuss and compare ideas during the course, thus developing all-round English skills as well as important life skills for the 21st-century such as leadership, digital literacy and critical thinking.

Your child will receive extensive practise in all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) during our summer courses. On the reading and writing course, students will get practise in reading first which will provide your child with a model for them to use as a basis for later writing practise. In the same way, students will gain valuable listening practise before exercising their speaking skills which boosts confidence. 

During each week, your child will be guided through fun British Council website activities. They will learn how to be safe online whilst also increasing their language ability and becoming confident self-directed learners.

Camp starts 1 July; sign up today

First time ever in Taiwan! Pre-Primary Course for Early Years Ages 5-6: Welcome to Our World

Let your child take their first steps and capture their imagination in English this summer! Our pre-primary course brings the world into the classroom and the classroom to life through music from across the globe, sparking learning interest for young kids as they become more curious about the world and life round them. 

Limited seats at XinYi and ShiPai Teaching Centres! Sign up now

Our summer camp also offers courses at Teens level! Learn more