2020 English Summer Camp: All I learn, I put in my portfolio!

This year’s courses will be portfolio-led, based on projects, language and skills that the students have acquired throughout the week.

Each week, every child will receive their own portfolio to fill in. They will receive picture stickers for the new words they have learned. They can choose which words they want to record in their portfolio and write a sentence with their favourite word, and any grammar or language focus they have covered. They will also get stickers from their teacher as they practice all four language skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. This will help the children to consolidate what they have learned. Students will be given the chance to make choices in their learning, so that their portfolio is personal to them. No two portfolios will look alike.

Everyday, students will work in small groups to collaborate on projects in English, giving them a reason to speak English with their peers and develop communication and problem-solving skills as they tackle the challenge in their projects. The teacher will take a photo of the project work and students will write about what they have created. At the end of the day, students will also complete a self reflection activity that aims encourages involvement and responsibility for their own learning, and receive  feedback from the teacher.

On the last day, each student will choose from one of the exciting topics they have covered during the week, and do a more in-depth project based on that theme, and teach their class about the topic in the afternoon marketstall event. 

This process will help young children in kindergarten and elementary school learn how to compile work they have produced in and outside their regular classroom, including any collaborative projects and portfolios that they have been involved in through cram schools and other clubs or groups. This ‘proof of learning’ will contribute to the child’s application process for schools and institutes of further education in the future.

Early bird registration at Shipai and Xinyi Teaching Centres now available! To find out more, fill out this form and our English course consultants will be in touch soon. 

Course information

  • Summer Camp for Ages 5-6: Oh! Dear Me

    Designed especially for very young children ages 5-6 who are just starting to learn English, our internationally certified teachers will lead students each day in themed activities covering things they are already familiar with in daily life, such as toys, clothes, animals, and weather. Through these themes, they will learn new vocabulary related to colors, feelings, body parts, family members, etc. Each student will record their learning in their own portfolio every day, and be inspired to become more interested in English and the world around them.

  • Summer Camp for Ages 6-8: This is Me

    Kids just entering primary school or in lower grades become more curious about their daily surroundings. Our internationally certified teachers will lead them to explore the language in themes such as classrooms, their own houses, nearby parks through exciting video clips, games and activities as students learn how to use complete sentences when talking to the teacher or their classmates in English. They will also be involved in craft-making and work on projects related to each daily theme, and record their learning in their own portfolio.

  • Summer Camp for Ages 9-12: Let Kids Be Kids

    As kids grow older into pre-teens, they become more restless and want to know more about the world outside of their daily life. Our internationally certified teachers will lead them in pairs and group activities under the themes of shopping, camping, a day at the farm, sports games, etc. Students will be encouraged to use more sophisticated language such as adjectives and adverbs to enhance their sentences. Through fun and challenging task-based projects, they will develop self-motivation and problem-solving skills, and record their learning in their own portfolio.

What are portfolios, and why use them?

Portfolios are collections of students’ work, accomplishments and achievements. They are a record of learning that can be used to show educational institutions what your child has learnt. 

They are great tools to share where both parents AND children can explore learning together outside of the classroom. It is something for your child to take pride in – it is personalized so it allows children to make choices about what they want to include in their portfolio. It is a memory of their success that you and your child can keep forever. Compiling, reviewing, and evaluating student work over time can provide a richer, deeper, and more accurate picture of what students have learned and are able to do than more traditional measures—such as standardized tests—that only measure what students know at a specific point in time, which is why portfolios are becoming much more popular in Taiwan.

Final day 'marketstall' event

In the last half hour of every course, parents are invited to see what their child has accomplished over the week. Parents will:

  • Be shown questions you can ask in English to help you and your child use their portfolio to show  what they have learned
  • See your child ‘teach’ the class about the topic they have chosen
  • Have a chance to go through your child’s portfolio with them
  • Ask questions about your child’s learning
  • Watch your child collect their certificate