Think.Innovate.Create.Share: Design and sell your own English board game!

In our globalised world, effective communication skills are becoming increasively important for success in all aspects of life. Our course focuses on developing the communications skills that will give teenagers the confidence to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities they encounter in life to present their experiences, knowledge, ideas and opinions. In our winter holiday course, students will acquire these skills through the process of designing and selling their very own board game.

Teens are asked to work collaboratively in groups to design their own board game. They will investigate what makes existing board games a success before making choices about what to make for their own game. They will be given factual readers on subjects such as history, geography and social issues as a basis for the game. 

Your child will practise all 4 skills as they skim and scan their readers looking for key information that they can then paraphrase and use to create clues and questions for the players to answer as they progress around the board.

They will put their creative thinking skills to the test as they design and produce a thematic board game, counters and game cards that they can keep and play with friends and family after the course.

They will create an informational leaflet and present their board game to the class, trying to persuade the others why their board game is the best. The main goal of this course aims to provide students with a readily transferable set of skills they can use to convey a message clearly and persuasively to an audience academically, socially and personally.

How does playing board games help teenagers learn?

Fun: Most teachers agree that progress is most obviously made when learners are enjoying what they are doing. Board games are a tried and tested way for learners to enjoy themselves whilst also being emerged in the language they need. Learners can have a filter to new language which is often present when they are feeling uncomfortable, engaging activities are a sure way to get through this filter and allow learners to learn.

Authentic Language: Board games are an authentic way for learners to engage with English. Teenagers all across the world regularly play board games and will be very familiar with the kind of language used when playing. When an activity is authentic learners produce and formulate language unconsciously to fit the situation. 

Skills-Based: Board games are naturally integrated which means they make use of several skills at once. It is necessary to read, speaking and listen as learners play the game. Combining skills in this way has been proven to help learners develop language ability.

Builds Social Skills: The reason board games have remained so popular for thousands of years is their social aspect. Whilst firstly encouraging social interaction in the class, a love of board games could lead a learner to develop social skills that will go beyond the classroom. With the popularity of board game cafes, extra-curricular clubs and increasing amount of situations encountering new people, social skills are a necessary and useful tool. 

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Course duration and location

  • Course dates: 25 Jan, 2021 - 5 Feb, 2021
  • Course duration: 3 hours per day, 5 days a week, for 2 weeks (total 30 hours) 
  • Location: XinYi Teaching Centre

Age levels

  • This course accepts students who are currently enrolled in middle or senior high school, between the ages of 13 to 17.
  • Each student is required to take a placement test which will determine their language proficiency level and be arranged for the appropriate class.
  • Learn about our Child Safeguarding Policy.