Learn to build, build to learn

Learn English with Minecraft Education Edition

Do you lack motivation when learning English? On our winter courses, you will be excited to talk – in English! – about what you have built each day when you go home.

Have fun with the British Council during the winter holiday and immerse in English! We provide exciting and practical English learning activities for secondary students aged from 13–17 years old.

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Teens Courses (students aged 13 – 17) – Building Presentation Skills

Join our new, exciting Teens courses which combines Minecraft Education Edition with our Young Learner English language teaching expertise. 

Students are much more motivated to learn and produce English if they can talk or write about something that they have designed and created themselves. On this course, your child will build their confidence in English across all four skills whilst developing their critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and imagination. Students are introduced to language that they will need to be able to deliver their week-long Minecraft project – creating a 3-4 minute video presentation with stunning visuals and engaging voiceover! 

Your child will be given a ‘real-life’ problem to solve – such as ‘how to help endangered animals’ and they will need to design their own solution using Minecraft to help them bring their ideas to life. As students work in pairs and groups, they have an authentic reason to communicate in English with each other as they brainstorm, make decisions, plan, design, and build. They also work with screen-capture and video editing programs and will write a script and deliver a voiceover to create a professional looking video which they can keep after the course.

Course duration and location

Half day course:

30 Jan – 3 Feb, 2023 or 6 – 10 Feb, 2023 (Mon–Fri)

Ages 1317: 1 week, total 15 hours (five 3-hour lessons per week)

Location: XinYi Teaching Centre

Age levels

  • This course accepts students who are currently enrolled in middle or senior high school, between the ages of 13 to 17.
  • Each student is required to take a placement test which will determine their language proficiency level and be arranged for the appropriate class.
  • Learn about our Child Safeguarding Policy.