The 2023 winter camp has not yet opened for registration. Please check out our summer courses for kids (5-12 years old).

This Summer...Everything comes alive!

This summer, we are launching our mini museum course which is a hands-on, multi-sensory experience designed around “structured curiosity.” 

Your child will learn about:

  • planning a project
  • how to do independent research
  • designing and creating a museum
  • how to talk to an audience

The topics for this summer will take your child back in time, explore space, learn to draw like their favourite artists and discover more about extinct creatures that roamed the earth.

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Course duration and location

Course requirements

  • Abiding by the U.K. Child Protection policy, we only accept students who are at least 5 years of age at this time.
  • All of our Young Learners classes usually take on 7-12 students (16 students maximum), and are grouped by age and level, based on the placement test results taken before enrolling in a class. 
  • Learn about our Child Safeguarding Policy.

Find out your English level

Our English placement tests thoroughly assesses your child's language knowledge and ability in a fast and efficient way. After the test, our English Services Consultants will help select the most suitable course that fits your child's needs and English level. 

*Course levels are subject to differ with each school; please contact your English course consultant for details.